Guys: Can What's on your T-Shirt Increase your Sex Appeal?

A recent article in popular science states that if men wear the letter "T" on their T-Shirt, they are more attractive to women.

The study was performed by researchers at Nottingham Trent University, and this article explains the experiment associated with it much better than popular science's. University females aged 18-25 were showed images of men with varying body types wearing two different t-shirts: one with a T so that the top of the letter stretched across the chest, and one where the T was inverted and stretched across the belly. The hypothesis was that men with the upright T on their shirt would be perceived as being more in-shape, and therefore more attractive. The hypothesis was correct in this experiment; the women being questioned rated the men with an upright T on their shirt higher in attractiveness than those with the upside-down T.

Now, if you'll notice, I didn't talk about any sort of control in this experiment. In all of the articles I found about this particular study, nothing  about a control group was mentioned. To me, a control group would be simple for this experiment: men wearing a plain white t-shirt with nothing printed on it. There was no "neutral" group to compare the men with printed shirts to. It could very well be that wearing a "T" on your t-shirt looks downright stupid compared to someone wearing a normal, plain white shirt. The study claims that wearing an upright "T" helps, but that's not a reasonable conclusion if there wasn't a control group to compare the results to.

I mean, if you really want to try it, guys, feel free. I think it would look silly.


This was a very interesting blog! I personally didn't know that I could be attracted to a male wearing a t-shirt with an upright upper case T than a male wearing a t-shirt with an upside down T. Maybe an explanation for this is that women tend to like men with broad, strong shoulders and a defined torso area. When the T is upside down, it looks more like the male has wide hips which tends to be a more feminine feature which may explain why women didn't find these men as attractive. I was looking on a website called "live science" and it said that, "Good symmetry shows that an individual has the genetic goods to survive development, is healthy, and is a good and fertile choice for mating." Since the upright T looks more symmetrical, it adds to the good symmetry of the man wearing it which signals in the female brain that they are a healthy and fertile specimen. Great observation about the control! It definitely would be easy to come up with a control group for this experiment and it is odd that they did not do that for this observational study. If you want to check out the website that I was reading before, here is the URL! definitely worth a read!

Hey Sean,
This kind of makes sense to me because the top of the T could make guys chests appear more broad and built. The bottom of the T could make the guys abdomen appear thinner and more slim. I think it's more of a design rather than the letter. Also, I think that a control could be difficult because different guys could be attractive to different women. You would have a very large sample to split it up to be random.

Yes, it makes complete sense, and so did the use of heartbeat suppressors to reduce heart flutters after a heart attack. Because it took so long to get a controlled study, nobody saw that that method was actually killing people.

This is a far less severe situation, yes, but without a control group you simply cannot claim that your findings are true. If you read the study, it says that all the men wore both shirts in different photos, so I find it strange they didn't have them wear a third, plain one.

This I guess would make sense because the upright T would make them look more built in a way, but I do have to say that most of the time I don't pay attention to guy's shirt designs. Most of the time when I think of a attractive guy, I think of a guy in a plain shirt with nothing on it. I read an article where the guy with the upright T was perceived to be more attractive and healthier. Both the guys wearing the upside down T and right side up T were scored equally as far as there intelligence goes. This article came with a picture of each wearing the upside down T and up right T and again I found them equally attractive. To me, not one seemed more attractive than the other. This is based off of preference, too. Not every person looks for the same things in guys.


I just want to play a little devil's advocate here. I do personally agree that a man wearing a "T" would look more attractive but I dont't feel as though the generalization as a whole is all that correct. The girls that were party of the study went to "Trent University" right?? Possibly the "T" appeals to this specific group of girl because the letter, in their mind, could represent their univeristy. They are probably surrounded by other students wearing "T" clothing and shirts everyday, maybe they're simply used to it. Also, the girls may have only liked the right-up letter because it made sense. They may not have necessarily been attracted to then man. A lot of time women, including myself, like organizing, decorating and designing things. In the artsy mind of a woman, the girls may have just preferred the "T" since it looked right, pretty and an overall better decoration. I'm not saying that you are wrong because yes, the article states that. However, I wouldn't say there's enough information to conclude that women prefer a man wearing an upright T on his shirt rather than an upside-down T, especially since there's not a defined control group. If you agree with me that wearing a "T" right side up may not necesarily catch a women's eye and are sitll curious what does; be sure to check out this site ... it gives 10 ways to win a woman's heart :-)


I don't think you read my blog. I stated that the lack of a control group makes any conclusion unreasonable. I do think this experiment is flawed.

This experiment does sound like it had many flaws in it. But I do believe that certain types of clothing and what is placed on it and wear could alter how people view you physically.

I don't doubt that, but I'm not persuaded in the slightest by this experiment that wearing an upright T on my shirt would make me seem more attractive.

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