Gatorade or Water?


I have danced all my life, and I always wondered why my dance teachers urged me to drink Gatorade when I was feeling faint. They would always say "electrolytes" will help. I always thought, what the heck are electrolytes? So for this blog, I took the time to do the research on Gatorade and electrolytes. 

As stated in Nerd Fitness, the most important electrolytes that you need are sodium, chloride, potassium, bicarbonate, calcium, and phosphate. It is essential that your kidneys get this in order to filter your body appropriately. Your kidneys help control your hydration, especially in your pee. When your body is dehydrated, the kidneys help make sure your pee is as concentrated as possible, in order to keep as much water in the body.

After working out, an individual sweats and looses fluid and electrolytes. Gatorade gives you electrolytes where your body will take up pretty quickly. The electrolytes will soak up water that you need with it, instantly helping your performance.  Gatorade also has a lot of sugar that is needed in your small intestines.  So, to add up, Gatorade is helping with your electrolytes, sugar count, and water, all at the same time!

Why is Gatorade better than water? It is not that water is bad; it obviously helps you get hydrated. Although, water does not get absorbed as quickly as the electrolytes in Gatorade. Gatorade also tastes better, am I right? Gatorade also helps hangovers, for the same reason as when you are working out, dehydration!

Gatorade is best to use while you are working out and burning calories. If you are constantly drinking Gatorade while sitting on the couch and eating, the sugur will go right to places you don't want it to be!

Personally, I am glad I did the research on Gatorade because I now know the appropriate time and way to drink it.



Something to think about is what are some negative effects of gatorade? According to the Diet Blog, Gatorade should only be consumed during a workout that is intense. Sitting on a couch while drinking any sports drink is never good, and is a waste of money. There is a lot of sugar in Gatorade, thus casually consuming it is not healthy, especially when you are not working out. I try to stay away from these type of drinks if I am not working out. End of the day water is always going to be the healthiest choice!

I completely agree with everything in this blog! Not only does Gatorade taste better than it makes me feel better as well. Personally it's hard for me to drink water because it's tasteless but I can drink Gatorade all day. In addition I even drink Gatorade when I'm sick it helps make me feel better. Now the question is, is it just me or does Gatorade have ingredients that help when we have a stomach virus or the flu? This article helps answer this question

Another thing to think about is that gatorade has lots of sugar! I have talked to many personal trainers before and many of them have told me that gatorade is a good drink to drink while working out. However, since it contains so much sugar you need to drink an equal amount of water as you do gatorade to balance this out. Here is an article that explains why you need water and gatorade while working out and not just the gatorade!

I have to respectfully disagree with your post. In my opinion, water is the only drink an athelete needs. There are many unhealthy ingredients in Gatorade that make water a much healthier and natural option. Gatorade contains artificial food coloring, chemical additives, and a high amount of sugar. The 14 grams of sugar in gatorade are not just simple household sugar. The sugar is refined sucrose syrup, which is terrible for your health. Gatorade proudly advertises their electrolytes, but in reality it contains much more sodium than potassium - again, unhealthy. One of Gatorade's ingredients, BVO, is illegal in over 100 other countries since it is so toxic. In my opinion, there is nothing better than hydrating, refreshing, healthy, natural water.

Check out this link to see some of the dangers of gatorade.

If you are about to engage in an extremely intense workout session, I fully support the use of Gatorade to refuel and hydrate. What I can't bear to see is overweight people leisurely sipping on Gatorade like it's not loaded with sugar. You have to think about what you're putting in your body and how it will affect you. I think Gatorade is a wonderful product for athletes, but I personally do not find the appeal in it and would much prefer the taste of flavored or plain water. Here's an argument I found in an article why Gatorade should be avoided at all costs: It's just one side of the story, and everybody has an opinion. This author found a harmful ingredient in the beverage and found it enough of a reason to not consume the product anymore. The use of this drink is entirely up to your own reasoning, just as soda may be for some people.

This article interests me because as a hockey player growing up this question was one I always asked myself. I would always say that gatorade is better because of the electrolytes and that seemed like a scientific enough answer for me. People would tell me reasons why water is better so I tried to mix it up and use both during and after my games. I agree with what points are being made in the article and comments like the fact that water should be the main consumption throughout the day because the body needs it. Sometimes water made me feel better and less full, which is most likely due to the many different ingredients in gatorade that you all discussed. I think the consensus is that gatorade should only be used during exercise but due to my experience I wanted to see if one is better than the other during exercise or should you use both. I found an article that examines both and came to the conclusion that the best thing to do is to drink both with exercise and using one over the other at certain times can also be beneficial.

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