Foods that fight cancer

Talking about cancer and vaccines today in class got me thinking if there are any ways to prevent or lessen your chances of getting cancer. I stumbled upon an interesting article on CNN on about foods that actually help fight breast cancer. These foods are geared more to people who have or have had breast cancer but I'm sure it could hurt to eat them as a precautionary measure. Also, it wouldn't help to eat these foods as a precaution to other types of cancer as well because too much healthy eating can do no harm, except if you love your junk food as much as me, but I digress. 

 Let's start with soy. It was believed for quite some time that soy actually was bad for cancer. So naturally, someone decided to do a study on this. The American Journal of Nutrition did a study involving 9,500 breast cancer patients after diagnostics involving soy intake. In this study it was found that the consumption significantly reduced the chances of reoccurrence of breast cancer. Another study by the Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention produced similar results stating that eating soy-based foods reduced mortality rates and reoccurrence of the disease. 

How about kale? As many of you may know, kale is the new super food and is known to be extremely healthy and to have many benefits. One of them being to reduce the chances of the reoccurrence of breast cancer. Kale has carotenoids which are pigments found in yellow and orange foods such as oranges and sweet potatoes and dark leafy vegetables like kale and spinach. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor has this to say about carotenoids "We know now that certain foods make your body inhospitable for cancer cells to thrive. The goal is to keep cancer cells dormant, and what you eat makes a difference." 

The last one is fish. We have to talk about some meat because you don't have to become a vegetarian. Salmon and cod are known fish that contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. These acids have been linked to improved breast cancer prognosis. A 2011 study in the Journal of Nutrition found that this acid inhibits the proliferation of breast cancer cells. Now this may not help prevent cancer but hey I'm always down for some salmon and maybe it could help prevent cancer. Who knows?

There are many other foods that are thought to help prevent cancer. None of these have mechanisms and none of them are 100% proven. My whole thing with this is that it can't hurt to eat healthy. Nothing bad will come out of it and you may just be saving yourself from getting cancer.

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