College is said to be the best four years of your life because of all the new experiences and opportunities available to us.  This is our last chance to live it up and have fun with the different people you meet and interact with before we are forced into the real world to find a job.  Technology these days allows us to stay connected with anyone we desire on what their up to on a daily basis. This can lead to comparing and contrasting what you are doing versus your friends or anyone else. I know many people, myself included that have Fomophobia, or the Fear of Missing Out because anything is better than school work, right? Some may have it worse than other due to anxiety and other mental conditions but this phobia has become one of the most common since the advancement of technology. It can be so overwhelming that it leads you to make the wrong decisions that aren't in your best interest just so you can be satisfied for the time being.  I am guilty of all of this as I assume most of us are so I wanted to figure out some facts about the addiction ways to help prevent or lessen the effects.

Christy Birmingham outlines examples of behaviors caused by FOMO and the problems it causes in our lives. The main behavior found by hr and others stems from what I said before about the constant need to check social networks. Birmingham claims we have this desire because of the possibility of creating a new connection and the possibility is there anytime the network is updated. Also those who obsess over online connections may tend to lose their real life connections because their always concerned with their electronic device. When we all walk around campus everyday it is sad to see the vast majority on their phones instead of walking and talking with others. The problems continue as it interferes with important work that needs to get done or losing the desire to interact with someone face to face to actually get to know them. For those who have a heavier addiction there are ways to keep it under control. One way is to take breaks and have an allotted time slot for the use of social networks to keep your priorities in tact. This may sound simple but can still be very hard for those who love to be social.

Our generation is the first to grow up with high-end technology which causes a lot of problems even while making things easier. It has created a different society than our parents who didn't have to worry about their cell phone being dead or missing gossip from around the world. It would be much easier for us to take control of this phobia if we did not have the access that we have. After research, the main theme about FOMO lies within social media and it is a hard challenge to overcome. I have said this many times, but I wish I grew up in an earlier generation where these weren't issues because I have a lot of trouble overcoming this and hope to improve after writing about this topic.

Fear of Missing Out Phobia: The Addiction and how to overcome the fear

FOMO addiction: The Fear of Missing Out


Hey Tim,
I never knew this existed but I'm not surprised. The amount of people that I can think of that would fall in this description, although it might not be severe, is saddening. Social networks I think are doing more harm these days than good. People are becoming over obsessed with them more and more. I sometimes get distracted by Facebook and Twitter and lose track of homework. I think we need to start paying more attention to this and learn to control it more.


I really enjoyed this post and totally agree that social media these days is actually causing a lot of problems. I've had a lot of teachers throughout college talk about these negative effects of social media and it really is quite eye opening. I remember one of my professors talking about how facebook can cause depression because people look at all of the pictures of their friends when they are smiling and having fun causing them to think that their friends on facebook are happier than them or having more fun. When in reality who is posting pictures of themselves sitting at home watching tv or sleeping? No one. People really only post pictures when they are smiling or in social settings. People post pictures on facebook to portray themselves in a certain way causing others to think that they have the "best life ever".

Here is an article from the huffington post that talks about " facebook envy"

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