E-Cigarettes: The Future of Safe Smoking?

What is an E-Cigarettes?  I have seen them advertised on T.V and in the mall but still have no idea what they are and what they do.  Join me in this blog to explore what an "E-Cig" is and how they can change the tobacco industry for the better.  E-Cigarette stands for electronic cigarette which uses a small battery to turn liquid nicotine into smoke.ecig-how-it-works.jpg (http://ehookahhq.com/) 

The thinking is that if the chain smoker can get their nicotine fix from an e-cig which contains none of cancer causing elements a normal cigarette has will save millions of lives each year.  A review of the science behind the e-cig was done by Igor Burstyn who concluded that  "It's about as harmless as you can get."  This is an impressive review and one that could help the success of the E-Cigerette.  Great idea right.  Maybe not there is one study from the CDC that suggests that middle school and high school students have gotten their hands on e-cigs.  While this is harmless it could be considered a gateway to a nicotine addiction or worse smoking real cigarettes. I would argue its a dangerous game to play.  E-Cigs if used in the right way by the right people can saves millions of lives.  But the kid flavored smoke taste has lead to an increase of 3.5% use between 2011 and 2012 with a confidence of 95%.  This could lead to more kids developing a nicotine addiction.  One would think the tobacco companies would be apposed to these  E-Cigs but I believe they could help sell more product to teens who use e-cigs and develop a nicotine addiction.  In class we talked about the risks that tobacco has, but here is an adequate solution to the problem.   A simulation of the feeling of blowing smoke and a way to curve those nicotine craves in a healthy way.  I think society will have to run the risk of kids trying these e-cigs because the payoff is too large in terms of the number of lives this invention could save.


Scientists are still studying the effects of e-cigarettes on people's health. It's no question they're better than regular cigarettes, but there's a lot of question as to whether the vapor that that e-smokers breathe out is actually dangerous or not. It's a brand new fad, so we're probably going to have to wait a few years before any good evidence comes out about the side effects of smoking these things.

Personally, I think these shouldn't be sold to minors. While they may not move on to smoking actual cigarettes, they might develop a nicotine addiction, which we all know is a terrible addiction to have.


I agree with your position that electronic cigarettes should not be sold to minors. Although not tobacco, the act of smoking for minors becomes acceptable. Minors then become an example to the even younger crowd, (younger siblings, grammar school/middle school) and suddenly it is okay to smoke, tobacco or not. As seen from research and studies presented in our classes, tobacco is known for terminating people's lives. We want to better our future not worsen it. A lot of the e-cigarettes are sold and advertised with candied flavors. This is a clear target at a younger market. The decline of middle school smokers dramatically declined from 2001 to 2010, however now e-cigarettes have created a new battle. According to this article, "the e-cigarettes are addictive, and public policy should be consistent about prohibiting the sale of addictive products to minors."

Like many things, the e-cigs seems too good to be true. I think that it is great that there is progression towards a healthier addiction but of course, as you mentioned it has its cons. Check out this article that address some of the other researched negative impacts such as it having a number of toxic chemicals that aren't good for the body.


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