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Sport culture in America is a key player in the media economy. Commercials during sporting events on TV cost far more than one in a late-night sitcom hidden away on ABC Family. Furthermore, some people only tune into the annual Superbowl in anticipation of the new Budweiser or Doritos commercial. Fact of the matter is, people take sports seriously.


THIS ARTICLE , from TIME Magazine, turns attention toward one of the most prominent features of a sports team that is rarely talked about in the context of a game's outcome. The uniform may change everything about a season, or absolutely nothing. It's an unpredictable variable that somewhat dictates the feelings each player has for what they represent.


Sometimes there's a throwback uniform game in sports that puts players in a traditional and historical position to fight for their team. Other times, there's a complete redox on what their logo looks like. Arizona Cardinals used to just be the letter C , and Green Bay Packers used to be an orange football with Packers written across the front , just to name a couple. Some changes, such as that of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , in 1997, resulted in a 3-13 season turning to a 10-6. Is brain chemistry and attitude a greater influence than talent?


I've always heard my parents and teachers say Attitude is 90% of the outcome, but is that really true? I mean, I sure feel more confident when I put on that new pair of kicks and that fresh T-shirt, but I find it hard to believe that a shift in my thought process will change how I embrace my exam at night.


Of course there are other factors involved with a sports season. New leadership and trades, but it's interesting to think that the brain chemistry brought on by a new slate is really all it takes. TIME likely wrote about this because it has a strong connection to time in the past, present and future. Jeffrey Kluger is the long-standing editor and writer for the science and technology section of TIME magazine, and is a strong source for the analysis of psychological effects of uniforms on a team.


Picture Source: (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1089868-5-nfl-teams-that-should-use-their-throwback-jerseys-as-regulars)


As an avid sports player and follower throughout my life I have always had a fascination for unique uniforms, either new or throwbacks. It gives the game a special aspect that makes it feel more important than other games. My hockey team had a third jersey that we wore on occasion and they were nicer than our normal jerseys. They say "when you look good, you feel good, and you play good". For me it definitely gave me a boost in confidence whenever I wore something different or new. In professional sports I am a huge Devils fan and every year around St. Patty's Day they sport their old green and red jerseys that haven't been worn since the 80s. It's a new tradition that recently started but so far they have played well and won the game because it becomes an unique night and everyone wants to attend. All in all I agree that uniforms in sports give a psychological boost that can help your performance because when you are confident in anything you perform a little better.

I really enjoyed reading this blogpost! The effects uniforms could have on a player's mood and even performance is something I never thought about. My major is advertising, and a big factor in the business is how design affects people to get them to be interested in a product. It makes sense that a uniform design would affect performance, and I am curious to see if any studies have been done about whether different colors make people perform better athletically, etc. I remember hearing about the new uniform design of the Oregon ducks a few years ago because it was so "cool". Here is an article about how they are wearing pink helmets now to raise awareness for breast cancer - I would predict this betters their performance because when they play it may feel like they are fighting for a cause.


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