Does The Cure Already Exist?

Alzheimer's disease is one of the debilitating diseases which affects people across the world which has not had many breakthroughs in its treatment. But recently Researchers have come across a drug which they hope will be able to treat the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. This drug which is called Liraglutide is not a new drug that was created with the goal to treat this disease but was instead commonly used to treat diabetes has been seen to significantly increase the recognition skills in mice suffering from late stage Alzheimer's disease. Reasearchers hope this drug will reverse memory loss in those who suffer from Alzheimer's disease as well as help prevent the build up of toxic plaques on the brain that contribute to the symptoms of this disorder. <a href="">Diabetes drug</a>
This recent discovery makes a person wonder if the cures for other diseases are already in existence but only being used to treat a different type of disorder. Perhaps the cures which we are searching for are already being used for other less deadly diseases. This sort of discovery will of course have to be put through human trials in order to determine if the drug will actually work as they hope it too. The researchers will most likely put this drug through a double blind test using placebos in order to determine if these outcomes are possible in people. Now only time will tell if this drug can help those who are suffering with this disease.

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Finding drugs with multiple purposes will be a huge challenge for many pharmaceutical companies considering many will have to forfeit some amount of profits in order to do so. On the other hand it would be a huge leverage for top pharmaceutical companies to have over generic ones. In addition to the good news about the Alzheimer's disease, research at the University of Rochester led to the discovery of the brain's own lymphatic system, which cleans out dead cells in the brain; they named it the glymphatic system and it is more active when we sleep.

It is great to hear that they have possibly found a drug for this disease. My grandma has it and watching her lose her memory more and more each day is a tough sight to see. As much as I want to be hopeful, it sounds extremely difficult to find a successful drug that will not only cure Alzheimer's disease, but also have other purposes. talks about many different drugs that can help different aspects of Alzheimer's but there is yet to be one pill that can do it all in one. For now, they say that Vitamin E is a huge help to aiding the disease, and it's great that they found natural resources outside of the drug world.

Coming from a family in which my grandpa has Alzheimer's disease, this is a very intriguing topic to me. Alzheimer's is deadly and a very scary thing to witness therefore I for one, am definitely very interested in this possible cure. Stanford University School of Medicine is putting much research and discovered a protein in the brain that may lead to Alzheimer's from birth. This could change how scientists work on cures for diseases and help treatments. It is a very difficult concept to explain without directly copying the article I have found so here it is:

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