Does money = success?

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We always think that if you've made a lot of money in your lifetime that you are now magically a successful person and have achieved your life goals. Whenever you see someone with an outstanding amount of money they usually have nice cars, homes, vacations, jewelry etc. But the question I'm asking today is does money really equal success?    

      The USA is known to be a country full of material things and materialistic people. I know myself and I love getting a new pair of shoes or dress, I mean who wouldn't? We all want to be rich and make lots of money, but many people who have a lot of money seem to think of themselves as "successful". However, success is not based off of the check you receive each month, but rather the relationships your form and the feeling of satisfaction within yourself. The money you earn is simply an object or material, but what are important is the people you share it with. According to NASDAQ,  "In a new study commissioned by American Express, most survey respondents said you don't need to have a lot of money to be successful. Instead, good health, good relationships and agood job were deemed by respondents to be more indicative of a successful "


      You need to step back, and realize that happiness and success aren't about how much money you make but the experiences you make of them. "Research shows experiences provide more happiness than material goods in part because experiences are more likely to make us feel connected to others "Haven't you ever noticed celebrities start off being extremely humble and kind and once the money gets to their heads (because they have too much of a good thing) it changes them completely. According to Business Insider, "This is the sad reality of the human experience: The more we're exposed to something, the more its impact diminishes". 



1 Comment

Interesting article. For someone to understand if money equals success then he or she has to define what exactly success is. For me success means living a healthy life and having good relationships with people, thus money does not mean much to me. Of course I like money for necessities but besides that I would rather have good friends and family. Here is an interesting article about if money means happiness:

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