Does a college education bring hapiness?


            I was doing some research about college education, and came across an article that really came to my interest. I found an article that found a link between having a college education and happiness. It is said that people who are more happy are more likely to at least attain a bachelors degree.


            According to the dean of students in Grand Valley State University, a college education is a personal growth tool to open doors for many other positive experiences in life. It is said that having a college education improves the quality of your life. When the quality of your life is improved, it makes you happier and content. When you are happier and content, it translates into better relationships and being able to have fun easier.


            The median income for someone without and with a college degree is very different. Thus, many people seem to believe that money brings happiness. An individual with a bachelor's degree earns almost $1000 more then one who doesn't.


            On the contrary, there may be many other factors while getting a college education, that can hep an individual become happy. The stability of a college degree can also play a role when determining happiness.


As said by someone in the article, "People who don't pursue a college education are at a competitive disadvantage. There is a higher need for more education for the skills to do work in this advanced economy".


Overall College Education brings happiness because:

1.     Competitive Advantage

2.     Feel Sucessful

3.     Make more money

1.jpg4.     So many more reasons


I would agree that going to college and obtaining a degree makes you a happier person overall because you feel more confidence in some sense. However, I can also argue that people who are in college are very stressed out at the time, but once it's all over and done with it was worth it in the long run. Many people take much pride in having a college degree so I can see how this reflects on someone’s happiness. I for instance am challenged daily by my classes to get the grades I need/want but once I achieve my goal I will be a better person. I found a link with a little more info!

I agree with this article, but also when one get a college degree he or she has a stronger work ethic in many fields that a person without a degree would have. By working hard in college and understanding that hard work pays off definitely helps a person's happiness and confidence, especially when the student's major is a subject he or she is passionate about. Here is an interesting article about the topic:

Karly, I would have to agree with this article only because I feel like a college education gives you the opportunity to meet all types of different people and learn from them which in the end helps your overall self by being well-rounded, however college can be very stressful and I think college years can be some of your most stressful times in school.(opinion)

I'm currently taking Psych 100, and the unit we're currently studying deals with emotion. Namely, happiness. According to psychology research (with no specific citations, oddly enough), happiness is most significantly affected by love, marriage, work, and personality (aka, inherent happiness). There is no correlation between happiness and intelligence, so I hesitate in agreeing with your blog's suggestion that a college education might improve one's happiness second-handedly (through quality of life); there is also no correlation between happiness and money.
Still, it's an interesting subject to pursue further. Here's a link to an article that goes more in depth:

I think "a college education" is too broad of a subject to determine happiness. There are so many factors that go into a college education as well as so many effects that come out of it that it seems impossible to label "a college education" as a single reason for happiness. In my opinion, some of the positive effects that come from a college education bring about happiness, such as a career, success, money, and friends.

Happiness in general is a difficult thing to measure, since it is not a concrete thing and is different for every single person. Therefore, I think it is incorrect to say that a college education determines happiness. However, there may be a correlation because of other variables.

Regardless, I enjoyed your post and I have been very happy with my college education so far!

Also, here is a link to topics regarding happiness on Psychology Today's website.

There are a lot of variables to think about when examining a college education and happiness. The actual physical degree that a person receives will ultimately bring a smile to their face. However, some people ultimately may be said to leave college. College is supposed to be the best 4 years of your life and saying goodbye to your respective university takes its toll. In addition, in today's society, it is not always a guarantee to receive a job right outside of college. It is common for graduates to be on the search for a job for quite some time. In that case, the graduate would be very stressed out in searching for a job. All in all I think that a college degree causes many other experiences that will lead to happiness. There is not a direct correlation between that two. For more information about students outside of college visit

Something I have also thought about with regards to your blog is the feeling of doing something with your life and going somewhere. If you don't go to college, most people find a job you can get out of high school and don't make many changes the rest of their life. College gives people a sense of worth and the feeling that they're really going to do something with their life. I think this is also a huge advantage to going to college that makes people overall happier.

Sure going to college and getting a degree for your future will make most people happy but thats not the only success to life. In regards to your blog I feel that you seem to agree with doing something for your life and being successful. Being successful will be different for everyone. For most Penn State students obtaining a degree will lead them down the path to a job and success but you ave to understand that not everyone feels this is what they need for happiness. This article ( from Forbes describes that you don't need to get a college degree to be successful necessarily. Check it out.

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