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I have always listened to different types of music. From hardcore screamo, reggae, rap, and pop, it seems that the only thing you can't find on my iPod is country (sorry for all the girls who "shake it" for Luke). I have found that the music I listen to depends on my mood.  Recently, I am back into bands like A Day to Remember and Pierce the Veil due to a break-up, but when I am about to go out to the bars, my stereo is blasting Drake and Waka Flocka (I don't know why I have an obsession with him). This had me thinking. Can music really affect your mood or do we just chose a certain genre because of the mood we are already in?

According to WebMD, a study done by the Emotion, a journal of the American Pyschological Association shows that music does tend to correlate with positive emotions. The study was done with 32 college students in Sweden and it measured the students feelings when they were listening to music versus having no music. I can definitely see music helping with positivity. I would think this is why you hardly ever see someone at the gym without earphones in. Although, I don't think this study had a big enough sample size to really determine such a thing. 

I found another article from sciencedaily, that seemed to answer my question much better. A study done at the University of Groningen showed that mood changes from different types of music (i.e. happy or sad), can not only affect how you feel, but can even change someone's perception.  The researcher measured the mood by putting on "happy" and "sad" songs and had the participant choose a smiley face or frowning face while the music was playing. The results showed that even when there wasn't a smiley face to choose from, the participants still thought they recognized one because of the joyful music playing. I found this fascinating and I thought this was a great way to observe someone's emotions.

Finally, I found an article about research that shows listening to music can lift someone's mood and lead to a greater quality of life. In the study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, "participants improved their mood after being told to try to do so, but they only succeeded when they listened to the upbeat music of Copland, as opposed to the sadder tunes of Stravinsky." Increasing someone's mood can help with their self esteem, which ultimately leads to a greater quality of life like the article suggests. The article also had another study from The Journal of Consumer Research that "found that people who are going through break-ups or having relationship problems prefer music and experiences that reflect their negative mood."  I obviously found this very relatable because of my current shift to more negative music after my break-up. 

Whether you rock out to The Devil Wears Prada, drink to Ke$ha, smoke to Wiz Khalifa (totally not endorsing this), or walk to class to Mumford and Sons, there is a reason behind the music you are choosing.




I really love this topic because it's so relatable. I think for people our age especially, there is a genre of music, or a song, or even just an artist for the many occasions of our life. I definitely don't party to the same music I study to, or workout to the same music that I walk to class listening to. I really believe that music can change your mood. For me, there are certain songs I can listen to and immediately go from happy to sad and vice versa. I think it's pretty cool how something like music can change your entire mood. Personally, I couldn't live without music and now I see why. I actually looked into this topic further and found this article on the New York Times about music and the brain!

I definetely feel music can change ones mood. For example, when I am really tired and listen to EDM music and I get pumped for the day. It helps me with my workout and also gets me really excited for the weekend. Me and my boyfriend also have certain music we like to listen to when we are together. I would definitely be interested in conducting an experiment like this when I am in grad school.


This topic is definitely something I can relate to because I am always listening to music whatever I do. When I'm doing my homework I always put on a certain type of music that differs from when I'm getting ready to go out or driving in the car. I think music definitely helps with positivity and really helps me focus or gets me pumped up before I go out. This article lists 5 ways that your taste in music is "scientifically programmed." After reading it, it got me thinking and more honestly believing that this is a real thing. I never really thought about how your mood can effect what music you listen to, but after doing more research it is definitely clear!

I completely agree with this article! Music has a huge influence on people especially youth. Music has the ability to change your mood from happy to sad within a matter of minutes. In addition music is so influential on young people to the point where I really think artist should really be more mindful about what they sing because it can affect young children and make them want to do violent things. I feel that children should be exposed to cleaner music. Here's an article on the positive affects good music have on children http://www.more4kids.com/Articles/article1009.htm

I find this extremely interesting based on how I always do listen to music based on my mood. Who doesn't like to listen to a song that describes the situation they are in perfectly? Yet my one concern with the study done is, is there a chance that people just chose the smiley or frowning face because they know thats the emotion the song is supposed to invoke. Personally I feel that I listen to music based off my mood and not the other way around.

With further research I found some interesting information such that not all emotions are aroused by music, like disgust and irritation. This was done in an experiment between Shoen and Gatewood, as long as their conclusion that there is a correlation between music and mood. To read more you can visit this article: https://www.ideals.illinois.edu/bitstream/handle/2142/14956/Music&Mood-final.pdf?sequence=2

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