Deer Antler Felt Spray?

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People are taking dear antler felt spray? Yup, and its pretty prevalent in the news since Ray Lewis was accused of taking it before the Super Bowl last year and CBS Sports estimates that potentially up to 20% of NFL players are taking the supplement. It is perfectly legal to buy this supplement and it can even be purchased on Amazon. The controversy surrounding this substance is from IGF-1, which is a protein that promotes human muscle growth and fast recovery from injuries. Athletes have been using it as a steroid alternative causing it to be banned by some athletic leagues.


It is common knowledge in the scientific community that IGF-1 provides all the benefits stated above, but the oral spray that the supplement is most commonly administered through might not be an effective way to get the protein in the blood stream. There have been many studies on the supplement like the "Health Benefits of Deer and Elk Velvet Antler Supplements: a Systematic Review of Randomized controlled studies" that found that the oral sprays don't seem to help athletes with muscle growth.

It is my opinion that substances like deer antler spray should not be banned from professional sports because there is not any strong evidence that the athletes are receiving any competitive advantage. If it ever gets to the point where athletes are taking large quantities of IGF-1 through a much more effective method other than an oral spray, then there is reason to ban dear antler in sports. But, until that happens let them take it. It's probably not doing anything anyways.




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Taylor, this is extremely interesting because I did hear about Ray Lewis but never really looked into it. Personally, I think Ray Lewis is a monster and his use (or not) of the spray had no impact. However, it's neat that you point out that there is a high chance that the spray actually is ineffective when it comes to getting the protein into the bloodstream. As far as legality in professional sports are concerned I differ from your ideology that it should not be banned. I think that anything that isn't natural should be banned, things as simple as caffeine based pre workout cocktails are banned, so this should be too considering that there is some information stating that it could increase performance. Take a look at some other substances that the NFL has decided to ban.

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