Deaths from Air Pollution

        Various types of air pollution causes millions of premature deaths world-wide each year. 2.1 million people are killed by only one form of atmospheric pollution called fine particulate matter or PM2.5, which is shown by a new atmospheric pollution model created by scientist Jason West. Fine particulate matter comes from car exhaust, smokestacks, and other industrial, domestic, and natural sources. They are the most dangerous form of pollution because it is the smallest and can more easily go into peoples lungs.
        The main particles that are polluting the atmosphere are called aerosols, which are a mixture of particulate matter and air. There are 3 forms that aerosols can take and they are suspended particulate matter and respirable particulate matter, which are for when the particles are 10 micrometer or more in diameter, and fine particulate matter, which was mention before. Human pollution mixed with natural, transient, or meteorological conditions could cause "extreme outbreaks of air pollution". There are 2 examples this year of that happening. The first happened in January when industrial pollution swallowed northeast china, and second was in June where agricultural fires in Sumatra caused smoke to envelope Singapore.
        The toxic pollution usually lasts a few days to a couple of weeks, which causes an rise in cardiac and respiratory health problems for hospitals. However, even after the pollution levels go down the health risks do not decrease they stay about the same, which is why people are still affected after. Health researchers say that fine particulate matter can cause things from asthma and lung disease, even to heart attacks.
This map provided by NASA shows the deaths from air pollution around the world. The darker brown an area is the more deaths there are from air pollution. The worst areas are in Asia and Europe mostly because of the high population and urbanization of those areas. The areas in blue indicate where the air pollution deaths have decreased since the 1850's. This was shocking to me to fine out that the United States was not very bad and have gotten even better than before.



There are so many things that contribute to air pollution that it is impossible to rid of it completely. We can help influence the future of our environment, but right now we are left to deal with the consequences. It is expected that urbanized place of the world see higher percentages of pollution due to gas usage, emissions from industries, burning fossil fuels, etc. but that means they suffer the effects the most. I read an article in the past that stated spending a day in India is like smoking a pack of cigarettes, or something of the sort. Obviously the issue is getting out of hand and it needs more awareness. Here's a huge list of ways we can help out in our own homes and take the first step:

It is sad that it is so hard to fully stop air pollution because there are so many causes. The fact that death is starting to take place due to its effect is extremely unfortunate and sickening. More people need to start taking part in order to lessen the problem. What are some incentives the government does now and should do? Here's an article of causes of air pollution:

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