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I have always wondered why we don't have a cure for the common cold. All the treatments for a cold just cover up your symptoms as much as possible and you just need to let the cold run its course. Why is it that you can't go to a doctor and take an antibiotic or just get a vaccine when you're young to prevent them in the first place?


 The answer to the first part of my question is pretty straightforward. You can't get an antibiotic for a cold because antibiotics work on bacteria and the cold is a virus. Now you are probably thinking that if a cold is a virus then we should be able to make a cold vaccine like the ones we have for the flu. But, the fact of the matter is that we don't have a cold vaccine and its pretty interesting why.


We don't have a cold vaccine according to this WebMD page ( because, "The common cold can be caused by nearly 250 different viruses." So, it would be a little extreme to get 250 vaccines for something as minor as a cold and scientists haven't been able to develop vaccine for all the different types.


Ecuadorian researchers experimented with different vaccines for the common cold. What they found was that the people who received the different vaccines contracted the common cold just as often as those who received the placebo. You can check out the details about the study at this link here (


I also think that another reason why we don't have a virus for the common cold because it just wouldn't be ethical to spend money on common cold research when there are still not cures for many diseases that can kill. So to wrap it all up the reason there is no cure for your cold is because it would be hard to do and there are more important things to do.




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Taylor, it is very interesting that you bring up ethics in this post. I didn't even think about that aspect. I agree that it would be appalling to spend money on the common cold when there are many other diseases actually killing people. Anyway, I think that when it comes to the common cold, it's all about prevention. Healthy diet, minimizing exposure to germs, etc. Here are some tips to prevent a cold-- Im going to stick to these until we have time to focus on a cold vaccine.

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