Creatine will make you bigger

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Creatine monohydrate is an extremely common dietary supplement for people who are trying to build muscle. In this blog I am going to answer two questions: what does creatine do to the body and is it effective in building strength and muscle?


The science behind creatine is fairly straightforward. If you want to get stronger it would be logical that you would want to increase the energy stored in your muscles and you want to build more muscle, which is exactly what creatine helps the body do. First, creatine helps muscles have more stored energy because it plays a role in turning ADP into ATP. This is important because ATP is an energy source for your muscles. Also, your bodies fast twitch muscles use the ATP that is created with the assistance of creatine the most. These muscles are used to preform activities that require more short and explosive movements like weight lifting. Creatine is also important in protein synthesis. When it comes to building muscle this is extremely important because proteins are the building blocks of muscles. If you want to check my facts on creatine take a look at this site (


One study called the Effects of Creatine Supplementation on Body Mass and Muscle Girths in Bodybuilders, which was done by Polish researchers, provides some insight on the physical changes that are possible training with creatine supplementation. In the study 14 bodybuilders participated in a strict diet and workout program for six weeks. Seven took creatine and seven were part of the control group. Those that took the creatine for the six weeks had greater increase in size of all the major muscle groups that were measured. You can see the study here (

This study's results are pretty strong because of the length of time the participants spent training with and without creatine. This is because it takes time to saturate the muscles with creatine and if you have spent any time in the gym it takes time till you have any measurable changes in your body. I think that it is safe to say that creatine is an effective way along with a proper diet and exercise plan to put on mass.







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I had friends in high school who were wrestlers who were trying to increase the amount of muscle they had on their body. They often drank protein shakes, but creatine seems like a more drastic solution. As with any drug, I assumed there were side effects. Two of the more serious side effects of creatine, as explained on webMD include kidney and liver failure, and when combined with something as simple as caffeine, creatine could cause strokes. This information was both intriguing and disturbing to me.

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