So I take a break from writing blog posts to take a little nap. No big deal, right? Apparently it is because this darn cough that is leftover from a cold I had a week ago got much much worse once I lay down. So instead of sleeping, I looked up why I cough more while laying down and wrote a blog post about it...
According to Dr. Mitchell Blass, there are three main reasons why this happens. The first reason is gravity. The mucus begins to pool at the back of your throat so you cough to clear it out. One way to counteract this is to elevate your head with a pillow. The second reason is the dry indoor air that can irritate the nose and throat. Some people use humidifiers to help bring moisture to the air, but this should be done with caution. If the water put into the device isn't sterile, you can risk "cycling the germs back into the air or breeding other diseases." The third reason is simply your body is trying to clear congestion and make you well again. 
A few tips to help lessen coughing at night include drinking lots of water before bed to thin the mucus and also sucking on a cough drop to soothe the throat.


Had to stop to read this post because I've been having a lot of issues coughing. And then reading further I see that your night time problem is very much like mine. Recently I've been sitting up in a couch to avoid the cough. Something else I've noticed is that the coughs in bed are much more violent than those standing. Turns out that the cough causes muscle contractions throughout your torso and that's why I get jerked out of bed by my cough. Check out what happens to the pelvic region when someone coughs

That is the absolute worse- being sick and all you want to do is sleep, but you can't because you cannot stop coughing. I had that problem a lot last winter so I went online to see what I could do to stop it. I stumbled across this article- , that has five facts on how to stop it. One of the pieces of advice is to add humidity to your room. My mom always told me that but I always thought it was so weird, but sleeping next to a bowl/bucket of water can actually improve the dryness of the room.

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