Coffee and Cancer

Every morning, I wake up, put my slippers on, and before I brush my teeth I brew a nice pot of coffee. I don't think of its health benefits or drawbacks, because I feel like if I don't drink it I won't make it to class. So for this reason, since other than water coffee is my drink of choice, I decided to delve into the health benefits associated with coffee. I had heard from a couple of my family members and my friends that coffee had been linked to cancer in a couple of studies. How is it possible that this magical drink could be linked with cancer?

 I questioned them and decided to look into it myself. What I found made me pretty happy, because it was mostly positive news. According to this article,, coffee might play a key preventive roll in some cancers. Some of the antioxidants that it contains have been proven in large studies to greatly reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer and also help to keep kidneys healthy. I guess I am pretty relieved to find this news out, because I don't know what I would do without my coffee!


This is a really interesting topic but you could definitely use more content. Where's the science?

I love coffee too (double cream, double sugar, extra extra pumpkin swirl) and I would be interested in finding out what other good things coffee can do for my body (besides keeping me awake through homework and class).

This article discusses several health benefits of drinking coffee regularly but also reminds me that my extreme cream and sugar habit isn't doing me any good.

I agree with Sarah that this is an interesting post, but I did expect more in-depth analysis in regards to the science behind it. However, I once heard that coffee can play a vital role in decreasing prostate cancer. All I had to do was search google and I found a good article by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center that talks about how cancer can decrease one's chances of getting prostate cancer.

According to author Janet L. Stanford, Ph. D., co-director of the Program in Prostate Cancer Research in the Fred Hutch Public Health Sciences Division, coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of prostate cancer recurrence and progression. Stanford conducted a study to determine whether the bioactive compounds in coffee and tea may prevent prostate cancer recurrence and delay progression of the disease.

Stanford was able to find that men who drank four or more cups of coffee per day had experienced 59% reduced risk of prostate cancer recurrence and/or progression as compared to those who drank only one of fewer cups per week. Click to link to find out the rest of their findings!

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