Chicken Nuggets: Stomach's Best Friend

There are few things in this world I love more than TV, and one of them is chicken nuggets. My freezer is usually full of chicken nuggets from dinosaur to Monsters Inc. shaped and Tyson to Perdue brands. Since we have so many brands that claim to be 100% real meat I decided to research what is really in the beloved chicken nugget. 
As you probably already know, chicken nuggets are not very good for you. Packed with sodium and fat these nuggets aren't nutritious. Surprisingly enough, some of the most popular brands were graded only a "good" or "fair" in nutrition. One of the surprising brands was Tyson, which advertises as "100% All Natural" and although that sounds perfect, the nutritional facts deem it otherwise. There are 17 grams of fat per serving and 470 milligrams of sodium. That's crazy and just about half of the recommended milligrams per day according to Consumer Reports. Surprisingly enough Perdue or Tyson didn't score very high being some of the most popular brands. Perdue chicken claims to be breaded with "whole grain breading" but they only have 1 gram of fiber. 1 gram! 
So after being extremely disappointed in my home nuggets, I thought I should check out fast food chicken nuggets. On Babble they ranked the best and worst fast food chicken nuggets. They brought me to The Autopsy of Chicken Nuggets Reads "Chicken Little" study done by Richard D. DeShazo. The study took two random chicken nuggets from different popular chains and found horrifying results. The first nugget tested was about 50% meat with a combination of blood vessels, nerves and fat (yikes) and the second chicken nugget was about 40% meat and the rest was a combination of fat, tissues, and bone spicules. BONES. 
The source of the nuggets was left unknown but I can't help but wander who is selling us chicken bones in our beloved nuggets! 
"Available information suggests that the average composition of chicken nuggets from restaurant chain 1 is 56% fat, 25% carbohydrates, and 19% protein, and from restaurant chain 2 is 58% fat, 24% carbohydrates, and 18% protein" states the study. We are willingly putting this into our bodies! I'm disappointed that I don't know where these chicken nuggets are from so I can avoid them like the black plague. 
The main thing I take back from this study is how children of all ages feel like it's a treat to get McDonalds or any fast food. I know I did when growing up. So seeing how unhealthy it is now, I can tell why our nation has an obesity epidemic. Children want chicken nuggets and parents make it for them since they are easy to make. Or after a busy day at the office, they take their children to get some fast and delicious chicken nuggets from a fast food chain. It's the simple, fast, and affordable option. 
Babble did research on the best and the worst places to go for chicken nuggets. The worst was Jack in the Box with 238 calories per serving. Luckily I have never been to one of those restaurants! KFC Original Recipe Bites were named the best chicken nuggets with 130 calories per serving. Runner up was my personal favorite Chic Fil A with 130 calories as well. 
The best option for chicken nuggets is to make your own. Get healthy recipes with fresh chicken. However for kids and college students this is a hard thing to do. My suggestion, go ahead and eat some nuggets. Just do it in moderation. It's gonna be hard for me to follow my own advice! Personally I will keep eating nuggets. We all know the dangers of eating fast food or frozen food. The key is moderation. What are your thoughts on chicken nuggets? Did this study scare you away? Or will you be like me and keep eating them?
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3 Comments is a blog that will give you options when it comes to chicken nuggets. There are a few better options, and all you have to do is research them. Chicken nuggets are cheap and easy, and that is why they are so marketable for college students or people with busy lives. there is science even to how supermarkets sell their food to different categories of people. they really do not have our best interest at heart.

It is highly likely that I will continue to eat chicken nuggets, but theres no doubt that these facts will still be in my mind. I could have only imagined that if the frozen nuggets in my freezer weren't healthy, then the fast food nuggets must be much worse! Look at this article on McDonalds nuggets. The chemical dimethylpolysiloxane is also in silly putty, breast implants, and sealants! What makes McDonalds think thats okay to feed to customers? Do you think one day fast food restaurants will get rid of this chemical? Or will it take a detrimental happening to open their eyes-- maybe a cancer that is directly caused by these nuggets and the chemicals inside them?

I love chicken nuggets... Seriously. Your article made me a little bit upset, but I can't say I'm all that surprised. While I don't have any chicken nuggets in my apartment freezer, I do eat them from time to time - but only at Wendy's or Chick-fil-A. The reasoning behind the poor quality in fast food chicken nuggets is even more upsetting; large corporations do it to save money - and LOTS of it. It's sad that nutritional value falls second to saving money in our world today. Like Alexa, I feel that this will continue until something detrimental happens that forces corporations to put an end to this! I found this website that compares McDonalds chicken nuggets to Wendy's... Let me just say I'm glad I go to Wendy's and not McDonald's, but not by much:

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