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We all know that the world is slowly overpopulating faster than we can accumulate all the food to feed everybody. The question is, what happens when there are more humans than there are edible nutrients to keep us alive?

The answer lies within what's already crawling around us. Scientists are stating that it won't be long before humans have to resort to eating insects to feed our hunger. Sounds a little crazy, but there are already people all over the world who consume bugs as a delicacy. Although insects truly are an acquired taste, we'll soon have no option at all. 

McGill University was the first to create a protein-rich flour made out of grasshoppers. They have been given $1 million to start their experiment, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has already released a report stating the health benefits and nutrition information from consuming insects. 

Here's a few of the insects being taken into consideration for our future diet plans: 

African palm weevil: easily pan-fried, in case you're wondering. Full in fats, potassium, zinc, iron.


Termites: rich in protein (38 to even 64% in some species!)


Mopane: best way to cook them is in salt water, then sun-dry, have 31 mg of iron in 100 grams.


Mealworm: rich in copper, sodium, potassium, iron and zinc!


Witchetty grub: when eaten raw, tastes like almonds! Full of omega-9 monounsaturated fats.


Fear factor is becoming a reality whether you like it or not.


I am not very fond of creepy crawlers, but I could definitely warm up to the idea of consuming them. Insects are a great, relatively untapped, food resource. With all of the different food industries out there I'm sure some companys will find out how to make a delicious meal out of some mealworms. But, I do not think that people can just go out and start digging around in the dirt for supper. Bugs still carry alot of harmful diseases and chemicals like pesticides that could be harmful to consume.

I found this to be quite interesting. I worked on a trail for a couple of summers, so I came into contact with quite a few bugs. Seeing some of these bugs makes me hope I'm never alive for when this day comes. With that I was quite curious as to when such a day is expected. Upon search I found that the UN say's we'll be eating insects by 2050. Unfortunately most of us will probably be alive for when this terrible day comes.

Okay I could barely look at the insects let alone thinking about having to eat them. What's so alarming to me is how fast this phenomena is growing. I am aware that we cannot continue to consume on the path we are and expect to live with these luxuries forever, but it is still a wake up call to see that eating insects are in fact going to become a reality.

The article I read, posted below, specifically talks about China's exorbitant consumption of meat. While it is one of the most populated countries in the world, their consumption of beef alone is going to speed up the process of us relying on insects and other not-so-ideal meats for food.

This link is really informational and talks about pop-up restaurants that serve insects, calling them, "Pestaurants" (lol). Check it out!

forgot to post the link! hahah


....What. This is disturbing! I can't imagine eating a bug..I wish your blog explained this a little more. I'm kind of confused. I feel like there must be some other source we could eat before moving to bugs. It creeps me out that some people already eat them. Why would you willingly do that? The closest I come to eating a bug is gummy worms.
I found an article that talks about all different types of bug recipes. There is one that says to dip grasshoppers in warm chocolate sauce. Who knows, maybe one day my great great great grandchildren will enjoy that as a snack!

Bold. Very bold. Those pictures and facts that you posted at the bottom of the page were some what persuasive. It's a absurd how much nutrients bugs have! Some of them are better than granola bars that are 10 times as big as these bugs. One thing is for sure, you'll never catch me eating any bugs.

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