Beware of the Bacon fellas!

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better_with_bacon_poster-r035fa17e0cb04835be3ee8c551e5ada1_513_8byvr_324.jpgWhere are all of my bacon lovers out there? We all love a good breakfast with a little bacon on the side. It's obvious that there have been some health concerns when it comes to bacon and the amount of salt there is in it or what it is actually comprised of. But did you know, that bacon can reduce the sperm count and quality of sperm in men that eat bacon or more specifically processed meat daily. A study produced by Harvard School of Public Health found that with most process meat, there is a synthetic hormone that stimulates the growth in the cattle or other source of the product. While this hormone is beneficial for for the cattle, it is detrimental for men and their reproduction system. An interesting fact that I found when conducting this research was that men who eat just one slice of bacon or sausage link a day have 30% fewer normal sperm than men who don't.

In a cross sectional study that found the scientific evidence for this claim, scientist produced a study of of 156 men who produced 364 semen samples. Along with the semen sample, th
ese men also took a qualitative questionnaire that considered the other contributing factors that may impact the findings such as their age, other eating habits and if they smoke. Essentially this finding found that the intake of processed meat reduces the morphologically in sperm. What's morphologically you ask? Check this out.

So men, now that you know this do you plan to cut back on bacon?

1 Comment

I always had a good inkling that bacon had negative effects on ones health but I did not know the detriment it could do to ones little swimmers. However, when looking I did find an article (posted below) that gave positive effects that bacon can have on ones health. Bacon has a nutrient called choline which is beneficial to the brain. It helps increase our memory and intelligence. It has also been shown to help the fight off the effects of Alzheimers. There are a few other things the article mentions that might be worth a look.

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