Doesn't it feel like, more often than not, that Monday's suck? Well, to me it does atleast. One of the hardest things about Mondays for me, and others, is waking up. I often find myself feeling grouchy when I first awaken. According to the  Huffington Post, the amount of grouchiness you feel in the morning relates to sleep inertia. Sleep inertia is the state of feeling groggy when humans first wake up, we show low arousal, lasting usually 5-20 minutes, or sometimes longer.

Dr. Allison Harvey, a professor in psychology at the University of California says that: "'The process of waking up is slow -- not like a light switch, much slower," ..."These feelings are not pleasant, but do not necessarily indicate having had a poor night of sleep'" (Huffington Post). A lot of times, sleep inertia depends on the prior stage of sleep you were in, and if you were previously sleep deprived, your inertia in the morning is likely to be higher. 

alarmmmm.jpgThe rate at which how fast you can overcome, and move on with your morning routine happily, depends on the person. People who may've slept less than others may have a longer lasting grouchiness that ruins their attitude that day. Also, waking up to our alarm can make us grumpy, or even the thought of work when we aren't looking forward to it. However, it is imporant to watch your "morning grumpiness closely." This is important because it can be a symptom of an over-scheduled life, not getting enough sleep and having little to bring us joy each day, stated to Alice D. Dormar, Ph. D. As Americans, we may brush these tips and precautions off but they're pretty easy to fix. Happiness Expert, Gretchen Rubin, suggests adding something to your daily routine that will improve it. If everyday is a drag and miserable, just simply add something you like and that will make you happier. It can turn your day around and improve your attitude. She also stresses that it is important to let yourself get settled, maybe do the joyous activity you love, before class or at work before "reentering the workplace..since it's such a stressful environment." 

In terms of sleep inertia, Dr. Harvey gave the Huffington Post a few tips:

·       Open the curtains to let sunlight in

·       Spend the first 30-60 minutes after waking outside or in a room with bright lights

·       Encourage morning activity and social contact

·       Make the bed so the incentive to get back in is reduced

These tips are actually very helpful to me personally. I know a lot of days, especailly before my 8ams, I always want to get into before before I shower and I sometimes fall back asleep. Maybe I should start opening my shades and turning all the lights on, in order to avoid that. According to life hacker, it is also important to drink a glass of water, eat breakfast and get in atleast 5 minutes of excercise before starting the day. These small things may seem tedious and like a waste of time in comparison to our tight schedules, but if they can change our attitude for the day, aren't they worth doing??

rise and shine.jpg

If you're feeling sad or down or just having a really suck Monday or day in general, try this. This is an experiment done in order to make people happier. The "Soul Pankcake" does expierements in hopes to increase one's happiness. In this specific experiment, the people filled out a survey (so the scientists could gauge their happiness), wrote a paragraph about the most important and influential person in their life, and then were asked to call them! The final step was another survey, with different questions, testing to see whether or not their happiness had improved. Those who were not able to talk to that one person, due to death or not answering, had a happiness increase between 2 and 4%, which is decent, but those who did speak with the person had a happiness increase of 4 and 19%. "Expressing your gratitude, will make you a happier person" (Julian- Scientist in video). One last shocking result of the video was that, those who were least happy at first, had the greatest increase in their mood! There are plenty of things to do to cheer yourself up, but reaching out to loved ones is always a great choice, it's proven! ;)




It is interesting that you stated how Mondays seem to be the worst day/morning because my friend recently told me that Monday has the highest suicide rate over any other day of the week. This makes sense because depressed and stressed people may have a break from their frustrating lives over the weekend but then step back into reality on Monday. I decided to look up this statistic to see if it was true and as it turns out it was, but has changed. Over the past few years researchers have seen an increase in suicide on Wednesdays, which now have the highest suicide rate. According to lead researcher Augustine Kposowa, job work and problems could build up so much by Wednesday that people would just rather end it all. Another striking piece of information is that Monday has the highest heart attack rate.
Studies have shown that this day has the largest spike in cardiovascular risk. The easiest explanation for this is that people are so stunned Monday morning when they have to return to work that it actually gives them a heart attack.

This post was interesting to me because I've definitely been known to have a case of the Monday's. My mood tends to be pretty grouchy, I feel unmotivated to do anything and am pretty unhappy about life. Fast forward to Friday morning and I am bright-eyed and bushy-tailed ready to start the day. What is the deal with with this? Personally I believe Monday's bring an abrupt end to what was most likely a relaxing weekend and remind you of all the work and responsibilities you have for the upcoming week. According to an article from The Huffington Post, Monday haters are not alone. It states that on average, people don't smile until after 11 am on Monday's. However, it also goes on to discuss a study that claims Sunday is more universally hated than Monday's. So whatever your opinion of Monday's or Sunday's might be do something to make you happy and don't let the day beat you. You can read more about the article I discussed here:

Yes, this also reminded me of the "Case of the Mondays" which is not a fun feeling to have. Monday's to me are usually the worst day of the week, and that one-day that I am so not looking forward to. It is the start of the week, and in college typically a stressful one. However, I find myself being grumpy almost every morning, even if it is not a Monday. I recently made a song that I like my alarm rather than an annoying sound that won't shut off. We all have our days that we just don't want to get out of bed, but I completely agree that Monday's are definitely the worst of them all. Here's an article that has 7 tips on curing your case of the Mondays.

After reading your post It had me thinking about how we affiliate all different kinds of feelings towards the weekdays. Yes we feel dreadful on Mondays , but then think about how happy we feel on Fridays ! When researching this I found that we contribute our past experiences to new ones and use that to generate our perception of the future. While reading a lot of our mood depends on our personality , not so much on other outside happenings , but how we are affected by those experiences . Very interesting blog post!

Mondays. Are. Dreadful. Of course Mondays suck. It's the first day of a long week and the first day after our ever so short weekends. Most of the time, no one really anticipates Mondays, and according to clinical psychologist Professor Alex Gardner, most humans find the start of a new week so awful that we don't even crack a smile until 11:16 a.m. on average. By contrast, I'm pretty sure that most of us have smiles on our faces before 11:16 a.m. on days such as Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Gardner goes one to say that people ages 45-54 suffer the most on Mondays. Upon waking up, they will usually moan around for 12 minutes. Here's the link to the article that explains:

Here is another link that gives a few reasons as to why Mondays are universally hated:

Mondays do suck! I am so unmotivated on Mondays. Tajh's comment is very interesting! But I feel like if we had Mondays off, we still would hate Tuesdays just like we hate Mondays now. So I don't think it's Mondays' problem, it's the work that we have to do that we didn't have to on weekends.

In addition to your helpful tips, here are some more!

I'm definitely making my monday playlist!

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