Are My Vitamins Even Working?

I swear I am always sick... It doesn't matter what time of the year, but there is something always wrong with me.  I usually blame it on my immune system, but last year my mom decided to do something about it and made me take vitamins daily.  It actually seemed to help a little at first, but now it's almost like my body became immune to the vitamins and they are not doing much help anymore.  To find out if this is just something in my head or if other people had this problem I decided this would be a good excuse to research this question.

According to USNews, researchers are actually unclear if popping those gummy bear "adult" vitamins are actually even doing anything to help your body. A study was done with 35,000 men over a decade in search to find the effects of Vitamin E and D. In 2008, the researchers from Physicians Health Study II found some startling results from this study. The researchers told the participants to completely stop taking Vitamin E because the vitamin actually increased the chance for the men to receive prostate cancer, which was opposite of their hypothesis that the vitamin would reduce the chance of cardiovascular problems or cancer. 

The article continues to say that in exception to pregnant women and the elderly, most people do not need to take supplements. According to a 22 year long study done by Iowa's Women Health Study, "supplemental vitamin B6, folic acid, iron magnesium, and zinc were associated with a slightly higher risk of premature death, copper to an 18 percent increased risk."

The results to this study were very alarming and eye opening. According to scientific studies, many supplements we are taking are actually harming us, instead of helping us. I do feel that these results are significant because they were both done with a big sample size and were conducted over a long period of time. 

Here's a video that talks more about the good, bad and ugly of the use of vitamins. 



Brianna, this is such a good topic to write about! My roommate is a huge advocate of the gummy vitamins. Though there are obvious signs of negative results when taking vitamins regularly, what about if one takes them irregularly? Say just when you feel a cold coming on, does that have nearly the same negative effects to the point where it could cause some cancers? There definitely may be some third variables involved as well. Maybe what they eat or drink while taking the vitamins or the time of day?

This article here makes it seem like there are some serious directions when it comes to taking vitamins properly. Could the potential risk of cancer be reduced if we all followed these?

When I was younger I would take the occasional vitamin but my parents were not very persistent in making my siblings and I take them every day. A lot of friends, would take vitamins everyday so I always wondered why my parents didn't have me take them! My mom eventually explained to me that she finds it's better to allow your immune system to build up to be strong enough to fight off illness on it's own. If your body becomes too used to always having the extra vitamins to help out with fighting sicknesses, it'll never be that strong! It does seem to make a lot of sense. To this day I don't take vitamins. I will occasionally take Calcium pills as directed by my doctor, but that's it. I though the last bullet point on this website made an interesting point as well. We have to remember to give our bodies everything it needs to stay strong and healthy, especially in college life!

Very interesting article! Most people do not think critically about vitamins could possible have negative effects. I take vitamin B-12 complex and vitamin E everyday and never knew some of the facts that were in your article. Like Andrew said in class, most scientific ideas are probably incorrect, but experiments should be though out due to so many people taking vitamins daily. Here is an article that you may be interested in:

I was recently wondering the same thing! First of all, I am so glad they did come out with gummy vitamins because the chewy, chalky ones I had to take as a kid were terrible. My mom is always reminding me to take my vitamins, but even more so after she saw a holistic doctor near us. Holistic doctors believe in "naturally" fixing medical problems - for example, if I went to them complaining of headaches, they would tell me what vitamins I was deficient in and ways I could change my diet to become healthier. I was curious so I did some research about how successful holistic medicine is. I couldn't find any concrete enough studies or experiments done to show its effects, but found sources that confirmed it is a very popular form of treatment right now, so it must work to some extent. Here is a mayoclinic article if you want to learn more

Just to make a point, here...just because something is popular doesn't mean it's effective. Blood letting was a very popular treatment for all diseases for thousands of years, and we know now that it killed millions.

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