Are Horoscopes really Accurate?


horoscope.jpgPersonally, I love a good horoscope. When situations seem to be tough, and a rough week full of tests is right around the corner, a horoscope that reads "good things are in your future" always brightens my mood. When I read magazines, I always flip to the back to see what's in store for my life for the upcoming month. They don't always fully relate, but they do always seem to have some weird correlation with the exact things that are occurring in my life.  This magical form of prediction is used by many. So many, in fact, that they've even developed apps for it, so you can get your horoscope on the run, throughout a busy day. But how accurate are horoscopes? Is there any real truth to the predictions we read about our potential futures?

According to an article written by  Pacific Standard, horoscopes are great for entertainment, but horrible for exposing truth. They mention a study conducted in 1948 that had subjects fill out a personality test. The results he showed them all came from a local newspaper. When he asked them to assess how true the results were, they all claimed that they were accurate. This study shows that the results were correlated to the people at all, rather the people made the results relate to them. Over the year, different studies have been done, but the same results are concluded, horoscopes just aren't true. However, humans have an outstanding talent that makes horoscopes so popular, the ability to read into what we want to believe.

Horoscopes seem relatable to most, because we make them relatable. The slightest similarity we will convince ourselves correlates to a specific situation occurring in our lives. An article written on the validity of  horoscopes says that we should be very cautious when reading horoscopes because we could be putting our faith into the wrong hands. So, the next time I read my horoscope, while it may have similarities or not, I'll be sure to take it with a grain of salt, because they really are just for entertainment.



While reading this article I remember this article I read about how Mercury is in retrograde. With the retrograde happening it means some changes with our horoscopes. That is of course you follow horoscopes. I personally don't but this article explains the effects of mercury's retrograde and what you need to look out for According to the stars you should look out and be careful during the time of retrograde!

I love reading my horoscope, but it's probably true that we relate them to our daily lives simply because we want to believe that they're legitimate. There's really no science involved in astrology--even though there are thousands of books about the so-called "science" behind it. I've always heard that horoscopes are written so vaguely that they can be applied to anyone's life. It seems that our minds search for ways to interpret a horoscope so that we can believe that it's true. It's interesting how people are so eager to learn things about themselves in order to make them feel unique or special compared to everyone else.
How personalized truly are these horoscopes? This article discusses the interesting results of a psychological study conducted in the 1940s regarding horoscopes:

I never knew if horoscopes were really legit, but they are most certainly relatable. Therefore, I wouldn't blame someone else for believing in their horoscope. I don't read my horoscope often, but when I do it's almost always accurate when I relate it to certain situations going on in my life during the time. Sometimes it's scary how “accurate” they are. I try not to be the naive person, but it amazes me how much I can relate to what my daily or weekly horoscope says. Maybe they really are for entertainment. If that's the case then it wouldn't make a difference to me. We all like to be entertained right? Even if horoscopes aren't accurate, they do involve a bit of science according to the University of California Berkeley.

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