Are Four Lokos as Bad as we Think?


Why are four lokos so bad? I used to see that four lokos were a very popular drink that teenagers enjoyed at parties.  The food and drug administration announced that they were going to remove caffeine and other stimulants from the drink.  Why is this?


It was told in this article that this drink contained up to twelve percent of alcohol mixed with a lot of caffeine. This drink has involved a number of accidents, sending people to the hospital or leading to death. This article states the doctors say, "four lokos masks its alcoholic effects. Because it masks it effects, individual's end up drinking more then they should.


This idea all started when individual's at the Ohio State University started mixing alcohol with their drinks at bars. After being sold to 46 of our states, the FDA began looking into the safety of these products.


By 2010, many college campus's such as Boston University have banned this product from their campus's. Soon after, many companies agreed to stop shipping four lokos to areas such as New York and New Jersey.


I remember when this was happening and completely agree to the banning of this product. Especially with the number of teenagers who drink underage, this is just increasing their health and safety risk. The combination between liquor and caffeine is beginning to make individual's feel out of control.  I am curious to know how other teenagers feel about the ban of four loko.


I was a freshman here when the whole Four Loko craze was going on. I myself had it on a few occasions, but I never exceeded more than two because that was plenty for me to be feeling good. Which is probably because each can is roughly just under 5 beers of normal light beers. I find this to be very similar to what we discussed in class about the harm of lack of science. It seems the FDA didn't fully take a look into these until after the dangerous effects were well documented. Four Loko's are still available to purchase. Any Penn State student can go to one of the bottle shops on campus and buy them. The only difference is that they are not made with caffeine anymore. Prior to the ban, many people went and bought these four lokos in bulk, creating a kind of black market for them, which you can read about in this article

So what exactly is your take on it? I didn't quite get that from the blog. Have you ever tried one? I personally haven't, probably because I was too scared to try it. I may have been in 11th or 12th grade when the whole Four Loko phenomenon was happening and of course many teens like to embellish stories telling me that drugs were in Four Lokos. I don't know why I believed them but I did which is why I've never tried it. So the question is what exactly is in Four Lokos and how bad is it to mix caffeine and alcohol? Lastly, is there really drugs in this drink? This article answers my questions, check it out.

I think the main problem they had with 4 Loko's was the fact that it combined alcohol with caffeine which is never a good combination. If you look at energy drinks like Monster it has a ton of caffeine and if you binge drink it and drink say like 4 cans in a day that is a bad idea because too much caffeine can lead to death. Combined that with alcohol which can also lead to overdosing and dyeing as a result you have a deadly cocktail that was early 4 loko. That's why they wanted them banned, because the caffeine kind of masked the effects of intoxication and it lead to a lot of people drinking can after can which lead to problems in college towns and young adults when it was new and popular. This article is a good read too about how the makers made the decision to get rid of the caffeine because of the FDA getting ready to ban the drink:

I do personally feel as though the banning of 4 Lokos was a good idea and in the best interest of American alcohol drinkers. However, I still see a lot of people today "Chasing" vodka or other alcohol with energy drinks, such as Red Bull or Amp. According to this atricle,
chasing your drink with an energy drink are just as bad, if not worse than drinking a 4Loko.The article explains that mixing alcohol and caffeine keeps us from feeling the effects of alcohol, therefore we still feel "normal," continuing to drink. As all the others mentioned this is a terrible idea because it will often lead to kids in hospitals or even deaths. The article also shows that, kids who mix caffeine and alcohol are twice as likely to be in car accidents that students who simply drink alcohol on its own.
Another point that this article points out that I didn't think of was how come all of these bad results are coming out now? It uses rum and coke as an example, we all know that coke contains a good ammount of caffeine, does that mean it has the same effects as a 4Loko, or chasing with an energy drink? NO. Energy drinks today are loaded with caffeine and much "more potent" than regular soft drinks.

It has been revealed that in just one weekend, the Four Loko craze has had negative impacts on teenagers and a ridiculous amount of hospital visits from just that one drink. The amount of caffeine and alcohol was too much of a stimulant for a safe drinking experience, which is why the drink was banned. If you currently see it in distributors, it is a reformulated version of the dangerous beverage. Of course, the combination of Red Bull and various other alcohols has the same effects, so the combination isn't going to escape us anytime soon. As far as dangerous drinking goes, there are many worse out there than the infamous Four Loko. Here is a complete list I found: The one that grabbed my attention the most was the Scorpion Vodka. I've been aware of its existence before I found this list, but the idea isn't any less bizarre.


Ahhh! How I miss Four locos. Often called "Blackout in a can". Anyone ever stop to think about the name? yeah I'm not sure why its called four loco either. But on a more serious note, it has been proven that alcohol when mixed with caffeine causes one to not feel the effects of the alcohol until it's already too late. This article,, explains why the combination can be so deadly. When it comes to alcohol and caffeine, one minute you can seem fine and then next your lost in the woods and don't know the difference between a tree and a pole. Although Four Locos are not being sold anymore with caffeine, they can still pack a powerful punch. Drink with caution!

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