Are bad singers hopeless?


The thing that I most wish I could do, but absolutely have no chance of accomplishing is that of carrying a tune. I have wondered for quite a while why some people are great singers, and others are terrible singers, like me. I have heard the theory that every person can sing, some people just have to learn how. This was surprising to hear, but researchers from University of Columbia say that applying 'vocal exercises and training' can definitely improve and help a person to sing well. Loudness control and clarity can be taught by professionals, and tests can tell how your oral flow and pressure work while singing. Also how your vocal chords open and close during voice production explains what happens physiologically while attempting to sing. Aspiring singers must be aware of what takes place inside the body, and how you can physically control your voice. After practice, like anything else one might want to accomplish, you can conform your voice to make beautiful melodious sounds. Sounds promising!

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My dream in life is to have a good voice also, and have always been curious as to why I was not born with a good voice. I find it the theory interesting that "every person can sing, some people just have to learn how" because I agree with this theory. I haven't done much research on it, but I took chorus in middle school and it seemed to me that my voice improved a little bit after taking the course. You're voice is like an intrument, the more you practice and excerise it the better vocal abbilites you will have. I found a link Practice makes perfect!

I took voice lessons for two years while I was in High School because I was involved in musical theatre and, I can say from personal experience, it helped me dramatically! It definitely takes time for a voice to improve but it is definitely possible! I went from being in the ensemble to having a leading role my senior year! I was actually reading an article on the Penn State website where one of the music education professors, Joanne Rutkowski, stated, “We typically speak in a lower and limited range, and the singing voice is higher than our speaking voices. So it’s a matter of learning to relax the vocal mechanism and use supported breath to produce the sound, rather than trying to make the voice ‘do something.’ That only causes tension and keeps the voice in a low register.” She pointed out that everyone can learn to sing but not everyone will learn to sing well. She says that everyone can learn to sing basic songs but not everyone can be trained to become a broadway star. If you want to read the article, I posted the link below and I found it very interesting! But basically, this would be something that is very difficult to experiment because learning to sing well does not require any physical change to the body, it just requires practice and training with the vocals that you already have. So if this were to be studied, I think that it would be a more observational study that proved a direct correlation between voice lessons and singing ability

I always thought that a good singer was born with a natural gift of being able to sing. I never realized that singing could be something that people learned. I thought if you were born with a bad voice then it can never be changed. This blog really interested me, I was skeptical at first of it considering we, as Americans, always look at the famous singers and think wow they always had the special gift. After researching, I found that like you said it is possible to be taught to sing. 98 percent of people can be taught to become a very good singer. There is only 2 percent of people that it may not be possible for them to become a singer. This two percent of people represents the people that are tone deaf meaning they can not tell apart pitch from pitch because they cannot hear it. Other than that if you want to become a singer, then go for it!

I've been hooked on NBC's The Voice for the last year ever since Cassadee Pope auditioned and won. Honestly, I'm jealous of her voice and everyone else on the show who can really sing. I always think to myself,
I was a member of chorus in elementary school, so why can't I sing?" Maybe if I had stuck with chorus, I wouldn't be so tone-deaf, but who knows. I think practicing definitely helps singing because it's something you can learn to do. It's a great skill if you utilize your ability the right way. Also, singing makes everyone happy! So why not at least try to sing? Apparently, group singing is wonderful for the body as it lowers stress and relieves anxiety. There's nothing wrong with that.

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