An Apple a Day Keeps the...Dentist Away?

1369381208_89403.jpgI have a friend who has been blessed with the habit of brushing her teeth. Before she goes to bed, when she wakes up and even in between meals: she's brushing. But it is always humorous to see her struggle whenever she has forgotten her toothbrush or is without toothpaste. After hours of searching, she finally makes her way to the kitchen where she apple? My friend then would claim that eating an apple is almost as good as brushing your teeth. I was baffled when I heard this suggestion and felt the need to do some research. Does an apple a day really keep the dentist away?

It may not be as good as brushing your teeth, but studies suggest that an apple is beneficial to one's dental health. Administrators of Cumming's Family Dentist suggest that "Eating apples can actually aid in cleansing and brightening the teeth, due to their mildly acidic nature, they act as a mild astringent to your teeth." (Admin., Cummings). Apples are sometimes even referred to as "Nature's Toothbrush". The skin and flesh of the apple work together to give almost the same benefits a toothbrush does. Because of the "fiber-rich flesh and skin", apples aid in removing plague and stains from the consumer's teeth. The texture also works as a "scrub on your tongue, teeth and gums."(Friendly Neighborhood Dentist). So make sure to keep the skin on! Because it plays a very important role in the toothbrush-like affect of the apple. 

Apples are mildly acidic, therefore they are able to help kill any pathogenic microbes that may be lurking in your mouth. Apples are also known to help get rid of bad breath! Because of their richness in fiber and crunchy texture, apples help scrub away remnants in your mouth that may lead to bad breath. 

Apples are normally suggested by doctors, but who would've thought dentists? Either way, apples do have some benefit to one's dental hygiene- but shouldn't take the place of brushing teeth. Although they are good for you, it will always be floss, toothbrush and toothpaste that get the work done most successfully. Other consumptions that can help with one's dental health can be found here. So don't hesitate when picking up an apple to eat, because it not only improves your health, but makes your teeth sparkle as well!

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From an avid apple lover, this post was extremely interesting. Like most people, I've always heard the phrase, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" but had no idea that it had any dental health benefits. According to, not only apples but any type of crunchy food such as carrots and celery scrub away at stains on your teeth over an extended period of time. even went further to discuss the benefits of eating apples and high fiber fruits saying, "Bananas, apples, oranges and blueberries are a tasty snack but eating them could also lead to healthier gums, specifically in white men over 65." So not only are apples and fruits a tasty snack, they also offer plenty of health benefits to keep you reaching for more.

Growing up, my mom always told me "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." I always thought this was just her creative way of getting me to eat something healthy. After reading your article and doing some research of my own, I found out that she wasn't entirely wrong. Because apples are crisp and firm they are actually extremely good for your teeth. The apple is also known as natures toothbrush because of how it treats your teeth during and after you eat it. Other foods such as raw carrots, celery, and unsweetened popcorn are also considered healthy snacks to munch on if you don't have a toothbrush handy! Read more here!

This may come off as weird but I have a weird obsession with good teeth and I am just like your roommate when it comes to brushing and I didnt know about the apple a day trick but after reading this blog I want to buy a whole bunch of apples and keep them in my apartment for my teeth. One thing I did found weird is how you mentioned the apple's texture to scrub away unwanted things from you mouth. The reason why is because I have always thought of the apple to be a relatively smooth fruit. However if there is science behind it I think its a good thing for teeth!

I was really surprised when I read this post because even though I would go as far as to say that I'm pretty much obsessed with apples I never really thought about if they were good for my teeth or not but if I had to guess I would have said probably not until I read your post. I looked a little more into apples and the health of our teeth and I found a lot of articles saying that they are not good for our teeth because of the acidity of them, which honestly makes sense to me. In this article ( it states that "it is not only about what we eat, but how we eat it" and that "doctors quite rightly say that eating apples is good, but if you eat them slowly the high acidity levels can damage your teeth." After reading this and other articles about how apples are bad for you and then reading your information I am still confused but have come to the conclusion that as long as we don't let the acid from apples sit on our teeth for too long then they are good for teeth. Any thoughts?

Second article about fruits having unexpected dental benefits I've read today. I certainly did not see the dental floss and bad breath cures coming. I guess the health benefits can only get better if taken together with other fruits or say vinegar?!!! Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits such as reduces indigestion, clears stuffy nose and soothing sore throats

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