An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?


We have all heard the expression, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." My question is, does eating an apple a day make you healthier and what is special about the apple?


It turns out that apples have a wide variety of substances in them that can help prevent a wide variety of health problems. These substances include boron (promotes bone and brain health), vitamin C (strengthens immune system), and phytonutrients (prevents heart disease and diabetes). If you want to see where I got my information on apples and check out a breakdown of other health improving substances in apples check this link out (


It seems that there is some evidence that an apple a day could at the very least cut down on you visits to the doctor with these wide rang of health benefits. Obviously eating an apple a day won't stop you from ever needing to go to the doctor, but they do help prevent a wide range of ailments. But, are apples special or could the same thing be said about any other fruit?


It turns out that strawberries have many of the same substances as apples and provide an equally wide range of health benefits. Strawberries, just like apples, have phytonutrients and vitamin C. There are many other similarities in the health benefits of strawberries and you can check them out here (


I think that it is safe to say that apples aren't the only food that can help keep the doctor away. If I looked up different fruits and vegetables I am willing to bet that I would continue to find identical vitamins and minerals as the ones found in apples. This just goes to show that fruits and vegetables are good for you and the saying should be updated to say eating a variety of fruits and vegetables every day helps keep the doctor away.





It is indeed safe to say that fruits and vegetables are good for your health; much better than those chips and cookies that are oh so tempting. Even though I have not maintained such habits since coming to school, at home I always at fruits at least once a day and salad was a bigger part of my life. Fruits and vegetables are without a doubt the best things you can eat in your daily life. The average people are not consuming enough fruits and vegetables in the current society. Just updating your dietary methods will clearly improve your health by a drastic amount and along with exercise, you are looking at a healthy future. To read more by Dr. Lisa Young on more in depth reasoning, look at this article:

The article was well written, but as I finished reading, a part of me felt like you could have written more possibly on the benefits of fruit. Seemed like a promising topic with a shallow result. Possibly do more research on what sicknesses specifically apples can cure. Or possibly research other fruits and their specific benefits compared to other fruits. After some research I found a study which was done on actually eating an apple a day.

I personally love apples and although I always heard the phrase I never knew if it was really true or not. It's great to know that something I enjoy eating is actually helping my health! I mean of course, I always knew fruits and veggies were good for you but I didn't really think too much about it. I looked up some more information and found that a lot of the health benefits are actually in the skin of the apple!

This blog definitely peaked my interest. Obviously we all know apples are awesome for you in all sorts of ways, so I wanted to see what other benefits there were besides what you listed. There were some you wouldn't guess! This article talks about how eating an apple before a meal can significantly increase weight loss and that eating five apples a week can help lower the risk of asthma. That's crazy! Right now I actually have the urge to run to McLanahan's and buy a huge bag of apples...

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