A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Since we were just guest lectured by the most badass astronomy expert at Penn State last week, I thought I would focus this blog on the world(s) beyond us. Just this spring, scientists discovered a galaxy over 14 billion years old. The galaxy is known as  z8_GND_5296. Its pretty interesting and also scary to think that this massive galaxy has been existing in the universe for 14 BILLION years, and it took us until this year to find it. 

Sure, most of our intense and advanced technology came about in just the past 100 years, but we cannot disregard that an astronomer like Galileo Galilei was able to establish that the world rotated around the sun and not the other way around over 350 years ago. How is it that he was able to establish that without any electronics or advanced telescopes, defying what every man until then knew about the solar system? 
Even with all of this incredible technology and advancements that we have made in a short period of time as a society, are we becoming more stupid? This article by <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2231924/Are-getting-stupid-Researchers-claim-longer-need-intelligence-survive.html">Daily Mail UK</a> says we are. Since our technology has become so advanced, we no longer need our brains to survive. In a sense, our intelligence is becoming compromised because of our, well, intelligence. 
What do you guys think about this claim. Should we be worried that we are becoming dumb?


I agree that technology is causes users to be "dumber" but I don't think that we are using less of our brains. I believe that our brains are just being exercised in a different way. I think that when we have to figure out how things work we are still exercising our brains. Way before technology people used their brains to figure out how to to things physically. Now we need to learn how to use our resources to figure out how we want to get things done. Also I think that people are always trying to advance in technology which doesn't allow us to be dumber. In fact we need to be smarter because engineers are always one step ahead trying to have the "next best thing".

Ricardo, I don't think that science is causing us to become dumber. Sure we may not exercise our brains as frequently we would have to if calculators and computers didn't exist, however I think people are still just as smart, and if not getting smarter. You said it yourself, it took us this long to find the aforementioned galaxy, if we were getting dumber wouldn't we be doing less, not more? If we were smarter 20 years ago, why didn't we find it 20 years ago? Just think back to the Flynn effect, here's a little refresher http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flynn_effect

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