Can $100 goggles really be worth it?!



   In short, yes. I spent about 10 years as a competitive swimmer growing up and now am a summer swim coach. I am always intrigued by what new "gear" is released and especially intrigued by new products that cause controversy. The swim world's most ongoing controversy is over the new Fastskin Elite line. To give a little background, Fastskins originally started as just a swimsuit, which was made out of a mix of nylon and spandex. The objective of the suit was to aid swimmers in speed and shaving time off of their races. Since these suits came on to the scene there has been talk of the legality of them. The have been banned on and off and are a continued hot topic especially at the Olympic level.

            Speedo this year has moved from not only improving Fastskin suits but has created a whole line of competitive swim gear called Fastskin Super Elite which includes the notorious suit, newly designed caps, and goggles. I have growning increasingly curious about the goggles because I thought my $20-$30 pairs of goggles were expensive so I couldn't possibly imagine paying $75-$100! This was the perfect opportunity to dig a little deeper. After a good bit of research and many review videos and comments I am utterly impressed with the technology of the goggles.

            The Speedo Fastskin 3 Super Elite goggles are designed with what is called an IQ fit. The IQ fit includes how the rubber fits to the eye sockets and the strap which, has a measuring tape printed right on it to fit to the exact measurement for each individual swimmer. The idea is that the IQ fit when executed properly relieves some pressure from the head which one would feel with a standard goggle. Next, the feature that stuck out to me most was the way the lens is designed. The lens is very wide and expands back towards the temple to give increased vision at all angles so that a competitor would not have to turn their head in any direction to look around. Any movement of the head that draws it out of line with the body increases a swimmers time. These goggles eliminate the problem all together. Next, which should be expected, these goggles are designed to be as aerodynamic as possible. Due to the IQ fit they have a slim fit to the face and head creating and alignment in the water. Lastly, like most goggles they provide different size nosepieces to attach. The thing that sets these nosepieces apart is that they are sturdier and attach better than the standard goggle to improve durability.


            I am shocked to admit that at a competitive level these goggles are truly worth the investment. I had my doubts but after my further research I would absolutely buy these.


If you would like to see an excellent video review on the goggles check out on youtube here.

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