How Much Sleep is Too Much?



I love sleep. I always jump at the chance to take a nap, and love weekends because I can sleep half my day away. However, it seems like the more I sleep, the sleepier I become. Why is that? According to WebMD  too much sleep can be harmful. They discuss the physical side effects of over sleeping. According to them, if I continue to over oversleep, I put myself at risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even death! Who would have ever thought that too much sleep can actually kill you! Now, I know you're probably asking how much is too much. According to a study that was published in the journal of Sleep Medicine ,averaging over ten hours per night can lead to harmful results. It's called hypersomnia. How interesting is it to think that so many people are suffering with an issue that they probably didn't even know that they had? An article on sleep written by the Wall Street Journal says that people can actually have a substance floating around in their cerebrospinal fluid that acts like a homemade sleeping pill.  The researchers studied subjects that were enrolled in a sleeping clinic. They were very good at making sure the experiment did not fall victim to third variables, such as narcolepsy and other sleeping diseases. This "sleeping pill" causes people to constantly have the urge to sleep, and makes them lazy. Sounds like a college student on a Monday right? I thought that this study was rather interesting, but it raised questions in my mind about how to fix it. The remedy to not over sleeping is to fight the urge. Remaining busy and keeping good healthy routines decreases the desire to want to sleep. So, even if you aren't a diagnosed hypersomniac, the next time you have the urge to doze off during class or take that super long power nap because class was magically cancelled, get up and go for a walk, because your effecting your health!






Just like you I am a big fan of sleep! I love the weekends where I can get a glorious, yes glorious amount of sleep. I always knew that too much sleep was probably bad besides the fact of sleeping most of the day away. However I had no idea about the risk of death and the "sleeping pill" people have in themselves. As for the diabetes I saw another post from a student that covered a similar topic which can be found here,

I guess thankfully for college I get much less than an average 10 hours a day.. zzz

I also love sleep! Sometimes when I know I won't get a lot of sleep at night, all I can look forward to is my next nap. I think that a more prevalent problem is not getting enough sleep in college. It's easy to not get sleep if you want a social life, and to get good grades, and to be involved, but getting a lot of sleep is also bad. It could be a symptom of another illness, such as Mono. If you're getting too much sleep a doctor's consult could be a good idea!

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