You say you're 90, you look 12...

By chance, I guess, I just read a short story for another class call Beautiful Monsters. It reminded me of something. An article I read a couple months ago.

The story was about, in a very summarized way, adult children in the future. The babies are grown in incubators and are encoded with everything they will ever know. They become raised in orphanages, then, around 10 years old, go through a specific process to stop them from aging and live forever.

It was overall a gripping and interesting story. But what does this have to do with science?

Science fiction isn't really science.

Aubrey De Grey is a researcher at Cambridge, who claims that growing old is not a sad fact of life, but rather a disease. 

A disease that could be cured.

The idea of living for hundreds of years is daunting and enticing at the same time.There are some scary implications of this idea though.

What happens when the baby-boomers are 300? Where does the excess population go?

Without major advances in space exploration, let alone the fact that NPR predicts earths population to hit over 9 billion by 2050, we could figure that longer living population equals larger population.

There are many questions that need to be answered. I haven't really made my mind up on this issue yet.

I will live forever or die trying.

De Grey's foundation could be found here.

Also, he has a beard to rival all of Duck Dynasty.


Life is so precious. The reason it's precious is because it is terminal. We know from the very start that we have a limited amount of time so we've always felt the need to "live life to fullest" (cliche I know). Our society has developed a general path to follow as your years go on so you are able to do everything you need/want to fulfill during your time on Earth. I feel this path is almost necessary because otherwise we may not get to everything we want before it's our time to go. The ideas of life being short, having no regrets, etc, etc, may be cliches but they are true. If we were immortal life wouldn't have much of a meaning and that is just depressing. Generally, the human race is driven by the fact that time is only running out. This also may sound depressing, but we should use it as motivation! I personally hope the disease of growing old is never cured... Not only, like you said, will it cause way too many problems for our world, but it will psychologically destroy us as humans.

I agree with what Rebecca was saying in her previous comment. In my opinion, a lot of the major choices I make are due to thinking about the long term effects because life is short and I do want to enjoy every moment. If people live forever, then is it still possible to learn from our mistakes? I mean we would have all of eternity to mess up right? Overpopulation is also very scary to think about because our resources are limited, and no one knows how people would act towards each other in times of competition.

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