You know what really makes me mad.

I do not know what science there is to this blog, but I just want to take a few minutes to really complain here. You see, I have been having issues with these blogs via internet explorer. It would not let me type into this text box unless I published the title first, and then went to edit the entry, and then at that point type my entry out. So I asked a TA what could be a less annoying way to type an entry, because I doubt that the 200 other students in this class deal with taking 20 minutes just to begin typing an entry. So today, he suggested using Mozilla Firefox. As I open the class blog this evening, I am happy to find out that it easily allowed me to start typing an entry right away without the hassle. As lame as that sounds, it was a relief! So as I finish up my blog on Frozen Yogurt v. Ice Cream which I have just spent an hour on btw, I go to upload a picture to my entry, and there Firefox freezes on me. It was a plain white box that covered up 75% of my screen, unable to move it or go back, I could not even see all my work to type it out on another screen. Firefox then decided to tell me that my session has expired and all my work would be lost. This is so irritating to me as it has not happened to me just for the first time, but this is the second time an entry has been deleted for me. You see, I am motivated to write these blogs, up until the point where this Blog Program wants to delete them without me having any choice. So as much as I previously wanted to write a good thought provoking blog, I am so frustrated with this whole system and really have no interest or motivation to try my best. But as my grades depend upon these blogs I will keep chugging along, and try to have patience with the system. Jellyfish.jpg


I have been using Firefox as well, but have not encountered that problem. Because of the time it takes to write my blogs sometimes, I liked to copy and paste them into Word before I click submit just in case something were to happen! Maybe that's something you might want to start doing so you don't lose all your work. That way, when you log back in you can quickly just paste it and submit again at our website!

Yes Megan, my roommate just suggested that! What a smart idea, and i wish i would have done that 2 deleted blogs ago. lots of times i check out the tech faqs and they do not seem to help unfortunately.

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