You know what big feet mean..Big socks

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We have all heard the joke "You know what big feet mean.. Big socks?" But let's be honest, it is referring to a guys penis size. 

Now I know this is not the most appropriate of blog topics but the other day this guy kept asking my friends and I what shoe size we had. And we'd say, "Seven and a half, why?" and he'd laugh and be like, "Wow that's like half mine". Am I supposed to be impressed? Does this guy expect us to swoon over his foot size?

Well when I think about it no. He is expecting us to swoon over the assimilation that we are supposed to have with the size of a guys feet. By him saying he's a 14, he's thinking that our minds will go to the old wives tale and think that he is well hung. 

So is there any truth to this?

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 1.43.27 AM.pngClearly I am not the only one who is curious about this..

I can honestly say I was NOT expecting there to have been actual studies done to see if this is the truth (a noble prize was even won in 1998 for a study on this). I read an article in Mental Floss about it and the truth does not look too good for guys. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 1.53.52 AM.png
(Image from mental floss) 

What is interesting about these studies as well is they bring up a lot to do with what we learned about in class. When reading them I heard myself think, "Yeah but correlation does not equal causation". I notice how some studies cannot be completely trusted because the guys measured themselves and I also look at the Korean trial and think perhaps the symmetry could do with it not being random on race.

I guess we now know the truth so boys put your feet away or maybe girls will instead start thinking you are over compensating. 

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Of course seeing this blog, I had to stop and read it. It was quite interesting and I'm glad you weren't too bashful to blog about it. I've always seen this myth as false. As I played sports in high school and have been in a few a locker rooms. I'm not saying I was looking but when one is tying one's shoes and someone walks by free hanging it's not really ones choice. With that minimal knowledge I would have to disagree with said myth. However, this had me wondering about the stereotypes with different races. Now, I'm not going to state them here, but I think we've all heard them. this study connected with this html indicates there is strong relationship. This may not be well received by some people

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