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Hello everyone! My name is YoonJae; but I go by Rachel. I'm from Seoul, Korea; but I've lived in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for 5 years before I moved to University Park! It's great to be in this class and I'm excited to get to know each one of you! It's just amazing to blog, because I love reading beauty blogs! Now I get to read SCIENCE BLOG POSTS, and write posts for you! Okay, the reason why I'm taking this course is because of the course description, it says "Science in Our World: Certainty and Controversy. A science appreciation course, aimed at making non-scientists more informed consumers of science". I'm curious about pretty much everything and everyone. And I believe everything has a reason and its purpose. So I would love to be informed what is truly certain and what is not. In addition, I'm totally a non-scientist; and all of general science options were Chemistry, Biology, and Astronomy and I thought to myself "I'm never gonna use the information I learn in classes like that in real world" but I felt like this course would generally inform me about science and I could actually use the information I learn throughout the course in the real world. The reason I'm not a science major is in fact in the course description as well. I've never been a science person to begin with, but I took both AP Chemistry and AP Biology in High School, because of my resume for college and my pushing parents. and I did not enjoy them at all; therefore I did not do well. My poor achievements in those courses took all of my appreciation for science away. And I remember truly hating science for a good couple months. I was way more interested in the business world anyway. (I still am) But I decided to give myself a second chance with science because I don't want to hate anything. :)

So I can't wait to read your posts and actually get to know you guys! You guys should get to know me too! Get To Know Rachel (Feel free to follow me!)
See you guys in the class! Bye!

by the way I look like this!


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You have a very interesting story and I look forward to reading your post. I find it interesting that you are from South Korea and think it would be great if you incorporated some of the lifestyle lived there into your posts because it would be a great benefit to the class as a whole. I found some interesting facts about South Korea on this page:

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