You Both are the Father!

When people think of twins, they usually think of identical twins that look exactly alike and maybe are sometimes hard to tell apart. However, I'm sure not most people ever think of twins with two different fathers. 

There are two possible ways for twins to have two fathers; the first is Superfecundation in which there are twins from ovulation on the same day with two different fathers.  For this to happen the mother must have ovulated twice and have had intercourse with two different men within a couple of days of ovulation. This is able to happen during the same day or different days since sperm is able to survive for up to 5 days. The second way for this phenomenon to happen is Superfetation, in which there is a second pregnancy with two different ovulations with the second ovulation happening weeks or sometimes months after the first. This case is rare and happens only after the woman is pregnant and must be ovulating during the pregnancy. Superfetation seems more serious and risky since one fetus is more developed than the second fetus, this case is extremely rare having been reported only a few time. 

This type of fertility can be seen and studied by any canine since female dogs ovulate multiple eggs at a time allowing multiple male dogs to be able to be the father, which creates a litter of puppies that don't look alike at all. Since humans are not able to ovulate as much as animals that produce litters do, women only produce about one healthy egg per cycle. With twins, women have produced two healthy eggs which can lead to two different fetuses allowing people to automatically assume that the woman's eggs were fertilized by the same sperm cell.

The human body is a very fascinating specimen allowing some of the most amazing phenomenon to happen. With superfecundation and superfetation it's completely possible for twins to come from two different fathers and is somewhat amazing. 



Whoa!! I had no idea something like this was possible! It really is very interesting too. I'm assuming this has only ever happened a few times? And what made you come up with this topic?

The first type, Superfecundation, is more common than Superfetation, and is more common in these types of cases. I came up with this topic because a couple of my friends and I were talking about weird things we've seen on TV and this was an episode of Maurry so I just went from there! I had no idea it was completely possible and has happened more than once so after researching the topic I was so surprised!

I had no idea twins could have two different fathers.. that's crazy! It never even crossed my mind that this could even happen. I looked up a current event article of something like this happening

Before reading your post, I didn't even know that this was possible! I think its interesting that this can happen, and that even though its rare, it happens much more than we think. I looked up a few of the incidents, and found this one about a mom and her two twin boys. Check it out, I think you may like it too.

I'm glad you posted about this! I made a post recently about twins that included this idea. You can read it here if you like:

But yes! There are so many fascinating things about twins! I myself am an identical twin and I was even shocked at most of the facts about twins! Twins are really interesting people and I'm lucky to be one! But we're identical, so I can be sure that we have the same father!

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