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Hey Everyone! My name is Shanna and I'm from Scarsdale NY. Scarsdale is the typical Suburbia about 15 minutes north of New York City. Living near the city makes it extremely convenient to go out on weekends and find fun and interesting things to do. My friends and I tend to go to raves and concerts like Electric Zoo, here's a recap of last years festival if you're interested, its super fun and crazy. EZoo 2012 Offical Recap!

Here's a typical Scarsdale girl train picture before going out or in this case going to a festival!
<img src=file://localhost/Users/xxlovexjonasxx/Desktop/IMG_4718.jpg>

I'm a freshman in the College of Communications majoring in Advertisement, well as long as my GPA stays high enough for their standards. Why am I taking this class you may be wondering since I'm a Advertisement major... well I'll tell you... I hate science but this lovely school called Penn State requires us to take science credits so why not take a class with science credits for people who don't have a single idea what science is... but not going to lie this course does seem pretty cool so far so I'm excited to see what this semester has in store for us. 

If you're one of those people who likes to stalk others check out my Instagram! or check out my second dorky Insta Profile with all my nail art.... Nail Art Instagram


Check out my instagram as well!!

and you're soooooo lucky to live so close to NYC!

Heyy! I was dying to go back for Ezoo this year, all my friends went but I had to stay here because of work :(

I think the amount of gen eds we have to take is higher than other universities, and I'm not a huge fan of that too!

We're the same major! I'm a junior and I'm sure you'll be fine just stay on top of stuff and it'll work out.

I loved the nail art! I used to be obsessed with my nails but because of work I have to cut them so short without any nail polish. It breaks my heart haha so your nail art insta is the perfect thing for me!

I'm a huge fan of Aztec at the moment, so I'm obsessed with these -

See ya around!

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