Why do I Think I'm a Giraffe?

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As weird as this may sound, I have countless amount of stuffed giraffes in my room. Why? Why do I sleep with a giraffe pillow pet? Why did my mom buy me a five ft. tall giraffe for Christmas? Why did my best friends buy me a pillow that says 'I'm a giraffe trapped in a human body'? I tried to think back to when this obsession started. I think I was ten when my cheerleading coach started nicknaming me things associated with being tall. (I was 5'5" when I was ten and only ever grew three more inches after that and I was by far the tallest on the team). Well, among the many things he called me (tree, skyscraper, bean stock) was giraffe. Ever since then, being a "giraffe" was natural thing. Ten years have gone by and I have adapted to becoming a giraffe. Or so I thought...

I decided to look into the similarities between humans and giraffes, but I didn't really found much. According to GiraffeJuice.org humans and giraffes both have seven vertebrae in their neck, males impress women with their pectorals, and they are both mammals. Those are all great things, however, there must be more to us than just the bones in our necks.

The only other explanation that I could find was the size of our hearts. GiraffeConservation.org explained to me that giraffes have the largest hearts of all land mammals. A giraffe's heart is about two feet long and weighs about 25 pounds. With a heart that large it doesn't surprise me that my coach compared me to a giraffe. It may not be the most scientific thing (comparing the expressions of a human to the simple size of a heart), but I like the way it sounds. We both have large hearts; mine just happens to be emotional while the giraffe's is physical.


1 Comment

I really enjoyed reading this! I had honestly never seen the giraffe as an interesting animal but the fact that they have such a big heart makes me wonder how (evolutionarily) this is advantageous for them. My guess is that they are so large that their heart needs to pump the blood harder in order for oxygen and everything else carried by blood to reach all parts of their body. I'll have to look it up in order to validate though.

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