Why Can't We Just Help?

How many people suffer throughout the world without proper medical treatments and prescription drugs? The answer is far too many people die without receiving medication for diseases which there are cures for because they live in a third world country without healthcare. Is it fair that a person is left to die without receiving that which could have saved them simply because they could not afford the bottle of pills or the shot? The answer is no it is not fair nor is it right. I was recently reading an article about how many regions in South America and Africa are to impoverished to afford medical attention for those who live there and that major medical companies are unwilling to help because it is bad for business. While it is true that they must make a profit to continue to research and make new drugs and cures to diseases. However major medical companies have spent more on advertising, marketing, and drugs to cure nonlethal diseases rather than focusing on the diseases that plague so much of the world and kills thousands. This however could be understandable due to a business perspective however many of these companies have attempted to take legal action against groups who make generic cheaper versions of their drugs in an attempt to treat those in need in these poor countries around the world.
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These are actions which further hurt those who need the most help and should be receiving help. The disregard for our fellow man and the corporate greed are things that need to be eliminated from our society. The people who need help in this world should receive the help they need from those of us who are much more fortunate than them.



Your post was really interesting.. me personally, I never really think about stuff like that but when you do it's kind of crazy. I totally agree that it is not fair that people can't be helped just because they may not be able to afford it. There should be something through medical laws that could allow someone that is deathly sick to get help, but then again there are people who abuse the fact of being "poor" who ruin it for the rest of the people who actually need it.

I agree: pharmaceutical companies invest more money into their advertisements instead of helping the other unfortunate individuals. However, at the end of the day, it's probably a significant expenditure to just 'freely' give away prescription-grade medication to those who need it. Above all, pharmaceutical companies like Bayer and Glasco Smith Kline are just like any big business company: minimize costs, maximize profit. It's the world we live it, it's unfortunate, it's ugly.

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