When Should you Study?


As college and even high school students quite a handful of us may be what society calls a "procrastinator". For some of us procrastination works but for others and just gets them into a jam that they will regret later. I admit, I am a procrastinator and it seems to work well for me. Do I regret it sometimes? Sure. Do I work on changing my ways? Absolutely. When you're trying to change procrastinating you have to have what I call a "game plan". Essentially this means maybe grabbing a planner and writing everything down in it. In addition it can be separating your work on different days throughout the week so you won't be overwhelmed at the last minute. 

            Another important detail is knowing when the best time to actually do work is. While staying up late at night may work perfectly for some, others may be fonder of completing work in the morning. What do experts think? Studies show that it all depends on the person, if staying up late works for you than by all means go for it. Keep in mind that according to studyguide.org "effective studying and good memory retention is also related to the amount of sleep a student gets. If a student is drowsy in the morning because of lack of sleep then he or she is not likely to perform at 100% in their academic performances." 

            I think I work better in the morning. Although I tend to do work late it feels great when I'm proactive and get up early on a weekend to study or write a paper. My mind feels so refreshed and charged. Usually at night when I try to write or study I have brain stumps or become easily distracted but in the morning it's smooth sailing. If you haven't tried waking up early to do work, you should! Trust me you won't regret it. You'll find that you will get your work done even quicker than if you do it at night.


This post hits way too close to home. I am the absolute worst when it comes to procrastinating. I will convince myself that I work better under pressure, but once I am actually under pressure I can't work. It's a horrible cycle that never seems to be resolved. However, I have heard & am a good example that sleep can definitely affect a person's procrastination. I've noticed that sometimes at night if I'm too tired, I won't completely understand the information that I am taking in and therefore will waste the time I've spent studying. I've started to change my habits so that once I begin to get too tired to work, I will go to sleep & wake up early to finish what I have left off. For the most part, this always seems to do me better than trying to tiredly cram the night before. Here is an article on how sleep affects learning: http://www.supermemo.com/articles/sleep-research-2007.htm

I honestly can relate to this, just the fact that I'm writing this comment at this time and the deadline for comments is tomorrow. I feel like I don't have to say more. I agree with this post completely but one thing I thought about was maybe this morning I was productive and I got a lot done but if I don't sleep tonight maybe tomorrow afternoon might be better for me to get back to the studying. Therefore I feel the time depends on the person and also what day of the week it is and what else has been going on.

In terms of when to study I have always been a later night kinda guy myself but your posts intrigued me to try early morning studying at least once. I've always try to end my night with studying if I have a big test the next day. What's beneficial about studying right before sleep is that it turns those short term memories into longer term ones so that you can remember your info better. There's more on that here http://news.menshealth.com/the-best-pre-bed-activity/2012/04/02/

When it comes to school work I have to almost force myself to sit down and focus on all of the work in front of me so I don't get up and wander around my floor looking for more ways to procrastinate! I usually try and get all of my homework and reading done on Monday's since I'm done with class early and all of my friends are still in class. I found that I study best when I am by myself with my dorm room door locked and in complete silence with no music, which just distracts me! Reading this article definitely hit home at this moment as I try and get all of my comments done! If you're interested in learning about when you should study more, check out this website!


I am such a procrastinator too! For some reason, things just don't seem as important or I'm not motivated to do it until the last minute, when the pressure is on for it to be completed. I found this interesting article that has 10 interesting facts about procrastination. Check out it out ! Let me know what you think!


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