What Music Says About Your Personality

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Everyone has their favorite iTunes playlist or a few favorite Pandora stations, for me personally I vacillate between rock, rap, and popular music Pandora stations. If you were wondering I'm currently listening to Sunshine by Jonathon Edwards. The question is what does my music selection say about me?


An article from Psychology Today stated that there are three main psychological functions that we listen to the music for. The first reason is to improve our performance on tasks (i.e writing blogs, studying etc.), then stimulate intellectual curiosity, and finally to manipulate our mood to achieve the state of mind that we want to have (i.e happiness).  It is clear the music can help in regulating ones in emotions, yet there seems to be a lack on concrete information linking music and personality.  There are several reasons that could cause a lack of concrete evidence for the connection between the music you listen to and your personality. First off today everyone has easy access to download music on the internet (sometimes even for free if you use the right websites); easy access to music leads listeners today to listen to a greater variety of music. The fact that today people have a wider selection of music makes it much harder for scientists to establish trends.  However, it has been proved that music is linked to our social identity, so sex, gender, and age largely play a role in our music selection.  It has also been found that there is a concrete connection between emotions and music, but scientists are unable to tell what songs cause which emotions.


Detroit-skyline.jpgWith all of this uncertainty still involved in music and personality research one may wonder how much our music says about us? I personally believe music says a lot about your personality and mood. For instance, when I started this blog I was listening to Sunshine by Jonathon Edwards, as you can imagine I needed a song to put me in a good mood to write blogs. Currently, I'm listening to Won't Back Down by Eminem. This song says two very important things about me: that I have one more blog to write and I won't give up until I finish it and that I am from Detroit. On that note I'm sticking with the theory that your personality influences your music selection, but as Eminem put it, "Now I don't ask for anyone to share my beliefs or be involved in my beefs I'm a man and I can stand on my own feet."


Here is the link for the article I read: The Psychology of Music 

1 Comment

Ahh...the joys of music. I have always believed that the music I listen too shows my personality. In fact, there has been study that concludes that a person's personality is linked to their preferred music style:


The article gives examples like rap fans have high self-esteem and are outgoing. Soul fans have high self-esteem, are creative, outgoing, gentle, and at ease.

Both of these genres of music are the two I listen to the most, and I think they sum up aspects of the type of person I am.

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