What In Your Home is Slowly Killing You?


            From class we discussed about how worms can affect a person's education by missing school or feeling sick. Most people off the bat would not relate worms and an IQ together but as we now know, it's true. So what is another thing people won't think relate? How about buying "harmless" products that are in fact slowly killing you.

            Air fresheners including cologne and perfume are a threat to you and the environment. We think we're actually freshening up the room but we're really "releasing an average of eighteen chemicals into the air" ("Your"). 

spray bottle.jpgUsually "one in five of the chemicals are unsafe and featured on some state pollution standards. Approximately half of the air fresheners were tested to have included a substance called Acetaldehyde, which is capable of causing cancer. Some fragrances involve the chemical substance, Phthalates, which can cause allergies and male reproductive system birth defects. The United States companies are not required to expose ingredients to the public", so who knows what you're breathing in after that spray. So instead of buying an air freshener to cover up the smell use "baking soda, fans to circulate the air, or just plain and simple get rid of whatever is causing the smell" ("Your").

            Another problem is "fire retardant with the chemical TBBPA known as Tetrabromobisphenol A", found in numerous products that are "produced around 200,000 tons a year". For instance, "TBBPA is located on couches, beds, inside of can goods, receipts, etc". Recently it was "discovered to generate Uterine Cancer in rodents but researchers are still unsure to what the affects are for humans" ("New").         

            Pesticides are another big deal that affect fruit and vegetables that we eat. "Apples, strawberries, potatoes and celery" are just a few from the list that were labeled to have the most pesticide excess. "The U.S. Department of Agriculture tested fruit/vegetables and found the amounts exposed are below the Environmental Protection Agency restrictions that we buy". Therefore, we are still consuming pesticides that "damage the nervous system but it is still unclear to what the other possible outcomes that could occur" ("EWG"). With all these substances and chemicals around us no wonder cancer, diseases, and allergies are increasing!

            Here is a website where you can search products that you use daily that will give ratings from A to F on how toxic the product really is. I recommend checking it out because you may be surprised to what you find in the products you buy and use everyday. This will make you think twice before buying a certain product again!

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Thanks for writing this article! I feel like it was very informative especially since we don't realize or even really care to find out about all the harmful chemicals in everyday household products. Also, for the last couple years especially, cancer has become so prominent in America it's quite concerning why and where it's been happening to so many people. I hope studies are and experiments are done soon to see if these products do actually affect our bodies in a negative way

This blog brings up a lot of interesting points, such as there are so many products to use around one's house, but nobody thinks of the long term effects about them. People only want that short term positive of having a room smell nice, and do not think about the long term problems that can come with it. A personal experience with this was when at camp someone sprayed Febreze and I got a headache and had to leave the bunk. This blog is well written and informative about the dangers of these household products.

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