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After long nights mostly everyone goes to sleep with their make up on. However, according to Discovery Fit & Health we should not make it a habbit, it is essential that our skin breathes. The pores on our face are important...and if they're clogged they aren't able to "secrete sebum, a waxy lubricant that helps to moisturize and protest our skin." Not only does it preduce sebum, but the sebum helps to remove dead skin cells and other "irritants" that clog our pores. Since we tend to shed skin in our sleep, it is bad for our pores to be clogged while sleeping. Typically, when they're clogged...the process is reveresed, and the sebum will begin to build up, sometimes causing acne. Nobody wants to get acne so it's recommended that we remove our makeup prior to sleeping. Some good make up removers include: NeutrogenaCetaphilSt. Ive'sPond's and Mac cosmetic wipes.

Since I just touched upon acne, it leads me to my next question. Does make up worsen pimples and blemishes? Web MD says that people spend several dollars on make up and other products to enhance our appearence, but ironically enough we spend the same amount of money on products to help our skin, acne and hygeine. Web MD also stresses how important it is to buy the right type of products if you want to avoid acne. Therefore, it's suggested that people buy oil free, lightweight products, acne-friendly after shave lotions, "non-comedogenid"-meaning it won't clog your pores- and other healthy skin products. The website gives a whole list of instructions on how and what to buy if you want to ensure the best possible complexion. 

Our face is a funny place that can be irritated extremely easily. Therfore it is important that we all take proper care of ourselves. Meaning that if you're going to contaminate your face with products, you better be buying the right stuff and taking proper precautions. This whole relationship is silly, it's just like people smoking. Why smoke/wear make up if we know it's bad for our health?!



I have been searching for a cure to my skin dilemma for what feels like years! Your post was really interesting to me, as I have what I feel is probably some of the most sensitive skin around! I've never been one to have acne, but when it comes to moisture, my skin just seems to lack it naturally. Your article touched on the importance of sebum, and how it provides a vital coating to both protect and cleanse our pores. After meeting with my dermatologist, I found that, unfortunately, my skin just seems to lack the ability to effectively replenish this. Talk about frustrating. I found your blog post so interesting because I recently was told by the very same dermatologist to switch to a non-comedogenic moisturizer to both aid in the replenishing of needed sebum, as well as continue to keep my face acne-free! Here's another article I found online that suggests that, sometimes, even non-comedogenic products don't always do the trick, and may even be the cause of breakouts! Luckily for me at least, I got the results I wanted!


This blog post is so helpful! Although I was informed of the potential effects of make up, my friend refuses to remove her make up before bed, claiming she doesn't want to have to "re-do" it in the morning. People don't grasp how unsanitary and unhealthy it is to leave this "residue" on your face! Each morning she has her face filled with toothpaste, claiming it removes blemishes from the face. However, after researching it, this claim is simply a myth. In fact, applying toothpaste on blemishes could actually be more harmful than helpful! The website listed below gives all the potential dangers to the application of toothpaste on the face, including the fact that it actually dries out your skin. Essentially, the best way to avoid breakout is to keep your face clean, moisturized, and clear using SAFE face applications!


I bet almost any girl in this class can relate to your blog post! I know personally, on the weekends there are many times where I fail to take my makeup off...oops. I can definitely tell that I break out more when I forget to do this. I have actually used all of the brands of make up remover that you recommended, and they all basically work the same. I have had a hard time finding one that keeps my face from drying out. I know that my skin is super sensitive, especially my pores. Before using any type of foundation I also use a special moisturizer that really helps my pores form being blocked! There is no doubt that the only way to keep your skin clear is to take care of it, and sometimes less is more!
Here's a link to the moisturizer that I use, It works great!

I recently started getting very bad breakouts on my skin. I guess that can be due to the fact that my makeup could be blocking my pores. It is weird to think about that we put makeup on our face and yet it does more damage to our skin. Even with using makeup wipes, I feel that it makes my skin worse. All the makeup wipes I use are rather oily which can only clog my pores even more. Below is a link to all very good acne fighters.

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