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 Lately, I've been extremely stressed out. My schedule is jam-packed with all of my least favorite activities. Graduate school is around the corner for me and it took everything out of me to get to the bookstore and finally buy that GRE prep book. I'm starting to cram for exams that all seem to be piled up in the same week and my working hours are less than pleasant. So, all of this has lead me to feel less than my best. To be blunt, I've been feeling sad and anxious these past few weeks. Luckily, I found this article of 5 minute solutions for my bad mood: http://www.womansday.com/health-fitness/stress-management/improve-your-mood-in-5-minutes-75319.
The article recommends listening to music to stimulate pleasure centers in the brain and soothe you. It suggests something I've been doing quite a bit of recently, so why aren't I bursting with endorphins yet? Apparently blogging can help improve someone's mood! While some of the advice offered is corny and unoriginal (what if it's raining out and I can't step in the sunshine?), some of it is novel and quite clever to me. A lot of what is suggested has to do with generosity. Making other people feel good makes you feel good too! It recommends simply tipping generously or sending out three texts, each with a compliment for your friends. It's as easy as planting a tree or reenacting a scene from your favorite movie and imagining you're the star to change your perspective. One thing I'm going to do right now is change one of my passwords to something that's comical or that I'm especially fond of.

1 Comment

Check out my blog post on sleep a few posts up. Lack of sleep can make you more stressed than that large work load and a good nights rest may be just what you need to relax and take on your huge workload

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