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I am a fraternal twin and I would't have it any other way! My whole life I felt like me and my twin brother (shown above) have had a special bond. I have always been told that identical twins have a "crazy" bond but no one ever says anything about fraternal twins ! I decided to do some digging and this is what I found...

Identical twins are also known as MZ twins or monozygotic because they came from the same egg. Fraternal  are also referred as DZ aka Dizygotic twins because they have their own eggs. MZ twins share 100% of their DNA or genetic makeup where as DZ twins only share 50%. The argument is that in reality this makes DZ twins no more alike than their other twins and this is where I feel where people are wrong. 

Regardless if you are a MZ or DZ twin you share the womb for about 9 months long. This is where studies have been done that say that there are twin  interactions! Both identical and fraternal twins can interact in the womb and thats where I feel the special bond begins. Here is a  VIDEO showing twin interaction ! I always think this is super cool how twins are able to have these interactions before they are born.  

Another very strong part of forming the twin bond is because of the environmental impacts. For example me and my brother were always together. We shared a crib and always were with another. We went everywhere together and were constantly within contact of another. When we were very young we developed a special language that only we understood. Even today we can talk to each other in this language and its very special to me . Here is a video form Good Morning America that shows twins talking ! I'd like to think this is what me and my brother looked like! 

In conclusion even though me and my brother only share 50% of our DNA I feel that all the tim we spent together made us be close and have that special bond that will last a lifetime. Me and my brother feel that we can tell what each other is thinking and we can sense when the other is upset, but those special powers may be harder to explain ! I love having a twin and I wouldn't trade it for the world! 

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I have friends that are twins, and they say the same thing that you've said! They are fraternal girls, and they feel that they share a special bond, and have never really spent time apart. I think the video that you attached was especially interesting, because I never even thought of having a different "language", but they seem to understand each other pretty well!

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