TV: the Hottest Drug on the Market

We all know drugs are bad for us. They kill our brain cells and are highly addictive. But the newest addictive drug isn't some pill it's our television. This is the golden time for television. With great shows and new viewing opportunities such as Netflix and Hulu, this new drug is easy to come across and virtually costs nothing.
I'm a huge fan of watching 7 episodes of a show a day, but some say this isn't healthy. The Washington Post says that TV just like drugs is addictive. When comparing the effects of TV and drugs to the brain, it's surprisingly similar. Both send out dopamine to the brain (just like any other fun activity) which is the neurotransmitter that makes you feel good.
According to the Daily Nebraskan, "binge-watching" TV can lead to heart disease and obesity (yikes) because it's linked to unhealthy eating. 
Watching too much TV can also lead to depression. When someone is watching hours and hours of television they are missing out on socialization time and study time. 
I believe that these are all very extreme outlooks about TV watching. I believe that if you manage your time well, you can reward yourself with TV. The Daily Nebraska agrees with this statement as well. TV not only is a stress reliever but it is also a gateway to socialization. TV is a great conversation starter and a great way to spend some free time. When watching TV don't snack, and invite some friends. TV should be an enjoyable experience so go ahead, click next episode. 


Couldn't agree more. Excessive TV viewing is not only bad for your social life but also bad for you health wise. I remember reading somewhere that watching TV for extended periods of time kills the toxins which stimulate our brain and increase our power of thinking. It is particularly bad for kids who probably watch TV the most.

I agree, TV is usually bad. But watching TV can be helpful, it can actually benefit humans' lives. It can even benefit kids' lives!

As much as I love television, I am much more of a health conscious eater. I've actually read that what we crave while watching tv has nothing to do with the desire for the food/taste itself, but with the unconscious chewing. Therefore, if you were eating carrots or celery you would probably be just as satisfied since you're not paying attention anyways! Also, its not only the overeating in front of the tv that causes weight gain but the likely chance that you're doing it later in the day ( after class, work, while going to sleep, etc.) So pick up something healthy to crunch on and avoid doing it too late and you're actually not in a bad position!

Although I mostly agree with your post. I have also learned that some believe tv to be helpful. I am bit suspicious of that claim but here is bonus article concerning that topic

you make some great points in this post! I too think that rewarding yourself with some tv after a long day of work and/or studying is not a bad thing. I personally have encountered some very enthusiastic conversations about television shows because they are something that people get really interested in! People always say that television is bad for little kids because it prevents them from playing sports and getting exercising and meeting other kids. However, like you said, if kids are involved in activities outside of school with other kids than they are getting the social interaction that most are afraid of them not getting. I found a really great web page that describes how tv can be good for kids and create a spark of creativity and imagination for them, check it out!

Kaitlyn! Another great post! My roommate is just like you (her favorite show is Breaking Bad)! Being an avid TV watcher, how much do you think is too much TV?

Also, Elaborating on your comment of snacking while watching TV, it definitely can get the worst of us-- getting so consumed in our show that we forget how full we actually are and how much we've been eating. Here is a site that shows 10 ways to stop overeating while watching TV. Do you have this concern? I know I do!

I am on the same page as you about rewarding myself after a long days work. Before I go to bed at night I usually watch an episode of Breaking Bad after I studied for hours in the library. But, TV, like virtually anything, can be terrible in excess. I know plenty of people who sit around all day watching TV and they tend to become more and more socially awkward. I even recently heard of someone skipping their classes just to watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad. I guess that's why there is the saying, " Everything is better in moderation".

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