Truth About Acai Berries

Recently, a craze for these tiny fruits has emerged. But why? And should I listen to everything thats being said about it's wondrous properties?
Well, some accusations hold more truth than others.
For starters, these berries will NOT help you lose 20 pounds in two weeks. They aren't magic beans that get rid of fat. However, they do have many good qualities
Many studies have been done, and none have proven that these berries will speed up your metabolism or suppress your appetite. It's crazy how quick these rumors spread, and how much money people will spend on diet products. Soon after Oprah Winfrey mentioned this fruit on her show, people blew it out of proportion. Advertisements made false claims about Acai, claiming it was a health miracle.
The truth is, acai berries are good for your health. They are rich in antioxidants, and aid in killing "free radical" cells. Any healthy diet for weight loss should include more fruits and vegetables, with a balance of calorie intake and exercise. Yes, adding these berries to your diet will be beneficial, but they arent you to change your life drastically. Many of the products being sold along with the "acai berry diet/cleanse" are not regulated by the government because they are over the counter drugs. Most of these drug companies are just scamming you with their false advertisements and claims for a drug to work.
If you plan on going on a diet, do it the right way. Don't fall for these "incredible fruits" with their "incredible results". Would you take another drug that claimed it was proven for weight loss if it was made of apples? ... No. The acai berry is just more rich in antioxidants, but it is still a fruit no matter what. There is no proof that the acai berry will make you skinny, so read more about the truth of a product before you enter your credit card on that website.


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