Treating Yourself to Chocolate Can Actually Benefit You

Maybe it's a girl thing, but every so often I find myself craving chocolate. Sometimes after I eat too much salty or too many vegetables I want something sweet. Every so often, a little bit of dark chocolate won't hurt you, it'll actually help you!

I wasn't aware of all the benefits that dark chocolate has! Lucky for me, the past few years I've been the odd child out who requests all dark chocolate candy at Easter. (Yes, my mom still gets us candy for Easter, she refuses to admit my siblings and I have grown up) If you eat a few pieces of dark chocolate a week, you can actually lower your blood pressure! Dark chocolate can prevent blood clots and improve your blood flow which is extremely beneficial! 

Along with the increase in blood flow, dark chocolate can also help reduce ones risk of having a stroke. Chocolate contains PEA, phenethylamine, which is actually the same thing your brain can produce when you're in love. Eating chocolate can recreate this feeling and make you feel happier. 

Also, chocolate contains a lot of vitamins. I know, something so delicious can't have vitamins. We've been taught for years that most healthy food tastes bad. Eating small doses of chocolate is considered healthy, but don't overdose the benefits by eating a whole bar every day, that will only hurt you in the long run. Dark chocolate contains: potassium, copper, magnesium and iron.

Beauty wise, dark chocolate can help remove wrinkles, lines, promote hair growth, help dry skin, and increase the blood flow in your skin. Beware though, not all dark chocolates are good for you! This is the tricky part, if you click here, you can see how chocolates are different and what kind to eat to get the best benefits from it!



After reading your blog post I no longer feel so guilty after eating chocolate. I've heard a few of the things that you discussed in your post, thinking they were just rumors you have now proved me wrong! After clicking on the link you posted i'll definitely be eating some more dark chocolate (in moderation of course).

I've also heard the chocolate can help with memory. After looking into it, there is a correlation between drinking to cups of hot chocolate a day and memory increase, however more evidence is needed. As we know, correlation is not causation but it can't hurt to have a little chocolate! Check out this article!

This is awesome! I love that it has its health perks because everyone needs some chocolate in their life. I was looking at this website and it had some of the same benefits as you said and some different ones, chocolate is actually good for your heart too!

I have always been impressed with the health benefits dark chocolate can provide to people. The fact that it is viewed as an unhealthy desert food always makes it astounding when you find out how it can affect the body for the good. It is also very satisfying that you can eat a tasty treat like chocolate and still be doing something healthy.

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