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The idea of time travel seems so ridiculous that it cant be true. There is just no way it can be done. However, some scientists throughout history have provided equally baffling explanations of how it can be possible.


Einstein's theories on time travel are some of the most popular. Einstein believed that a person's perspective of time could be affected by speed and gravity. This means that a person who travels fast enough can time travel and people farther away from earth's gravitational pull age slower. Check out what I'm talking about here. http://www.space.com/21675-time-travel.html


Another explanation for how time travel could be possible is through the use of wormholes. The only problem with wormholes is that we have never seen one, but they are theorized to be possible. Wormholes are kind of like black holes in the sense that they have a lot of mass. Because these things are so massive their strong gravitational pull would have the ability to bend time, which would lead to time travel. http://www.cnn.com/2013/05/13/opinion/opinion-time-travel-paul-davies/index.html


It is my belief that one day we will understand the interworking's of time travel fully, but I don't know if we will ever be able to survive it. How could it be possible to survive a wormhole with gravitational pull so strong it can bend time?





What an interesting blog post! I think I like the wormholes theory better than Einstein's theory but they're definitely both pretty intriguing to say the least!


I once wrote an essay about time travel back in 10th grade and it has always been an area of interest for me. The idea that we can go forward or back in time can be extremely mind boggling.Einsteins theory that speed and gravity effects are perception of time makes a lot of sense to me. I view time as something that isn't constant, but something that is perceived differently depending on where you are in the universe. Could the gravity of our solar system or own planet be making time go the speed it's going?http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/2010/feb/17/gravitys-effect-on-time-confirmed This article further explains how gravity is indeed effecting our perception of time.

Time travel has always been interesting to me also. It has been featured in so many movies, but the idea always seemed so preposterous. How can we go back to a time that already happened with people who already died? It's just too much for my mind to handle, especially after a thursday night!

I agree that time travel does not seem possible. It's such a cool concept, but it would be extremely laughable if someone in his right mind attempted to build a time machine. However, it reminded of how at one time cloning seemed extremely far-fetched. Here's a fact sheet on cloning: http://www.genome.gov/25020028

Whenever I think of time travel, I always think of the movie Back to the Future, and I always have found this topic very interesting. However, with all the movies involving time travel, its also very dangerous at the same time. The fact that one can change the course of the future by time traveling back in time to fix a misdeed in the past is very unraveling to me. I feel like Time Travel, though very tempting, is better down without...

Back to the future cast on the Today Show

Time traveling would be great. I'd definitely fix a few things in my past. As far is it being possible, it seems a little farfetched. We've never seen a wormhole, and I don't think we'd survive going through one anyhow. The idea is still worth thinking about though.

I've always been deeply curious about time travel. Still, if it were currently possible I highly doubt I would go back. Changing the past seems extremely risky and you never know what you will be returning to.
Here are some dangers of time travel if you don't take them seriously at least you'll enjoy a nice laugh.

You forgot the main mode of time transport: the TARDIS.
Although time traveling seems like such an exciting and wonderful thing now, is it possible that we only consider the positives when thinking of it? We never really think of all the major ways in which we could absolutely destroy a series of events by changing history.
And while I do think that traveling back in time could benefit us in numerous ways (stopping epidemics, spreading awareness of things of which people knew not of in the past, giving the people of the 80s clothes that don't burn your eyes when you look at them, etc) can you imagine how chaotic it would be if everyone in the world had access to time travel? The flow of events would constantly be changing, you may exist in one reality and then cease to in another - it stresses me out just thinking about it.
And finally, even if the actual time travel were limited to a few - say world leaders, who's to say they won't go back in time and change the course of events only to benefit themselves?
On the whole, I rather think we're better off without time travel.

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