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Hello, I'm Andy Frimpong, majoring in accounting at the Smeal College of Business. My interest in science started waning in Junior High School (JHS) and continued its degradation course as I ludicrously evaded any form of meaningful participation in science classes during my high school years.

  I'm a "foreign-local" student as I lived most of my life in Ghana, West Africa  and finished up my last year of high school in America. I never seemed to be able to abide by- what I perceived to be- the ditto for ditto way of learning General Science in JHS. I was, rather, more interested in exploring ideas and different perspectives on those ideas. So I excelled in the arts and social sciences while falling short of expectations in my natural and applied science classes- which of course added to the repulsion between "science" and me.

 As a rebellious teen in a boarding senior high school, I refused to leave any stone unturned in my pursuit of fame and "swagspect" -respect for my swagger (that was my sobriquet too). So it was just a routine thing to do, when I decided to cut my Chemistry classes because the teacher was the same buzzing boarding house supervisor to whom I owed several weeks of grass weeding as a punishment for...

So it just seemed, in my last year of high school, that the science thingy and I were just not meant to be.

 I'm excited about this class, however, because I anticipate very interesting topics. Especially after seeing that the professor was bent on showing us the last gut worms video. I also understand that I will be able to scrape deeper into my pots of knowledge after taking a class- that I believe- will apply the scientific test in a more liberal way. swag.jpg


I really enjoyed your post!! It had me laughing out loud and earned me a couple killer glares from the super studious kids sitting next to me. I'm actually also a "foreign-local student". I'm from the Dominican Republic but was sent over to finish my last two years of high school in America. I also gained a whole lot more interest in the class after watching the worm videos. I'm probably going to lose some girly points with this but I actually enjoyed them. I'd never seen anything like that ever before! Anyways, cool post!

Very well written blog. I am also in Smeal and recently joined the Smeal Leadership Program. I recommend checking it out!

Just wanted you to know that I highly appreciate your picture. Figured you would enjoy this :)

Very well written blog. I am also in Smeal and recently joined the smell leadership Program I recommend checking it out!

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