Think You're Eating Healthy? Think Again

Living on our own, it's especially hard to eat healthy. What's easier, going to the store, buying ingredients, making dinner, cleaning up after dinner and having to do it all over again or going to a store, buy a pre-made meal and throw out the plastic container? Some of us try to cook on our own and be healthy, but are the foods we're using actually healthy for us? Let's look at possible foods we eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and see how healthy we're actually being.

Breakfast foods:

 I know a lot of people eat yogurt for breakfast, I do too. We've been taught that eating yogurt is good for us because of the cultures, we've learned over the years that there is such thing as "good" bacteria for our bodies and yogurt is filled with it, right? Wrong. If you're going to eat yogurt, avoid those that say "healthy" or  "aids in weight management" because those are actually loaded with sugars and fructose. A better solution to these types of yogurt are Greek Yogurts that are plain. The more flavors you add to these yogurts, the faker they become. It's better to have a plain, low-sugar Greek Yogurt and add honey, fresh fruit, granola or cinnamon to give it more flavors!

Toast with Peanut Butter: You may think buying a "reduced-fat" peanut butter will be healthier for you, but the oils in the peanut butter are the best part for you. By removing the oils, you've made the peanut butter so much more unhealthy. The best type of peanut butters are the ones whose ingredients only say peanuts. If you remove the oils, you're eating as many calories and sugars as normal peanut butters and not getting the benefits from the oils.

Lunch Foods:

Salad with bottled dressings: Salads are a quick and easy lunch to make. Take some lettuce, fresh vegetables, grill some chicken and you've got yourself a delicious and healthy lunch. Then you pour on store bought bottled salad dressings and you've ruined your healthy meal. Two tablespoons of salad dressing can have over 120 calories, and let's be honest, who measures their dressing out? We take that bottle and pour it all over our salad and have no clue how much we're using. A healthier alternative is to make your own salad dressing. If you make it, you can store it and use it over and over again. It's a healthier and cheaper alternative. 

Spinach Wraps: These have to be healthy right? I mean they have the word spinach in it. Sadly, the only spinach in these wraps is in the name. These wraps are made out of white flour and a dye that creates this green colored and sprinkled with powdered spinach. Wraps are definitely a healthier alternative to bread, but make sure your wrap isn't larger than your face and the wrap you're eating contains whole grain. Also, actual spinach and lettuce make great alternatives to wraps. They're not dry and they add a nice crunch and texture!

Dinner Foods:

Baked Beans: The slow carb diet makes us believe that the more beans we have the better the fad will work for us. Beans are good for you, fill you up and offer nutrients, as long as they're not baked beans. Baked beans are filled with so much corn syrup, sugar and molasses. If you eat unadulterated beans you will save calories and sugar while gaining protein and feeling full longer. The more natural the state, the better they are for you.

Gluten Free Pizza: Unless you physically cannot consume gluten, you're not helping your body by not eating it. Gluten contains a lot of protein and it is the result of that "springy" texture in the crust. If you substitute your pizza for a gluten free one, you may be consuming more calories, fat and sugars. Instead, order a thin crust pizza with tons of vegetables or make your own pizza dough!

Obviously all these healthier options take a little more effort, but in the long wrong they're definitely worth it, and it doesn't hurt to be domestic! The more independent you become in college the less scary the real world will seem. Here are a few more healthy recipe suggestions.



I have notice that greek yogurt has become popular recently and I have started to eat it instead of Yoplay, but I never understood the health benefits. If you want to learn more about the benefits of greek yogurt check this article out. Apparently it goes beyond the lower fat and sugar content.

I really like your post! Of course here on campus it's easier to grab whatever is in the commons, but we all know that is definitely not the healthiest option. Your suggestions are great- especially the breakfast ones. I've always been a big believer in getting a healthy breakfast to start your day and with these whole grain breakfast foods,, eating whole grains is a great way to give you the energy you need to get started with the day, and will also keep you fuller for longer.

I love this post, not because it tells me what to eat, but tells me what not to eat. There are so many foods out there people eat because word is out as them being healthy with no proof. Or the food is healthy and people try to eat something similar thinking its just as healthy but its not (yogurt from your post). I think that with our age there are so many people that do things just because its whats trendy at that time. Kind of like Furby's, theres no way people liked those things, the only reason why people bought them is because they were popular at the time. If you don't know what a Furby is, then shame on you. Just kidding, heres one

This was great! I never would have thought that all these things were not as good for you as you think. This was really helpful so hopefully I can try and eat a little healthier! I found this article about "not so healthy health foods" that has a lot of good information, too!

This post is very helpful! Living off campus I often find myself eating unhealthy things because i don't know how to cook! I often find myself downtown eating burritos or something like fiddlehead! But like the post says salads aren't that great when you load the dressing on there, which is exactly what I do. Like Jamie said i always and still do believe that breakfast is the most important part of your day! I don't like yogurt so that is something that I don't need to worry about but I will definitely be checking out your post to make sure i am eating healthy! Here is another link to eating healthy in the morning!,,20676415,00.html

Thank you for pointing out the error in thinking anything gluten-free is automatically better for you! Gluten is a natural substance created when you knead bread and cook anything with wheat. It holds food together and there is nothing inherently toxic about it!

1% of Americans have celiac disease, but if you don't there is no reason to cut out gluten. It doesn't help you in the slightest and just makes your food choices a heck of a lot smaller.

I liked this post.. you never really think about how bad things are for you when you are here because you just want something quick and easy. I was reading an article on Huffington Post - about salad dressings because that is an easy go-to meal and it listed the healthiest and most unhealthy salad dressings.In the article it says that Ranch is one of the most unhealthy salad dressing which is surprising to me.

This is all very true about how people tend to turn healthy food choices into unhealthy calorie heavy meals. People often do not think about what they put on the healthy food and about how those toppings and dressing are just as bad as the unhealthy options.

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