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Shoes lie among my pile of guilty pleasures. Flats, heels, sneakers, sandals; you name them I have them (in every color). I personally am at a catch 22 with my love of shoes because my feet only seem to enjoy being in the most sensible ones. And we all know that sensible shoes are not all that appealing to the eye. I thought about why my feet screech in pain when I walk around campus in flats all day. I mean they aren't heels or at all hard to walk in, so what is the issue?

            Scientists have learned that yes, "Flat shoes are designed for comfort and effective walking. However, even flat shoes can hurt your feet if they do not have arch support to help keep your feet in the proper position while walking" (Ellis). Flats usually always have coverage for the bottom of the foot but the inside of the shoe does little to nothing for the foot. People's feet need a strong supportive arch in their shoes so that the arches of their feet do not fall.

Flip-flops also get a bad reputation among the foot world for giving bad support.      And lets be honest, every knows they're bad for your feet; but what are the alternative options? And more importantly what shoe substitutions are remotely attractive? "A better option is FitFlops" (Daily News). These sandals are actually super comfortable and don't look too bad for their function. They are the perfect sandals for throwing on everyday when running errands and heading to the beach over the summer. My personal preference for sensible flip-flops is Rainbows. These all leather flip-flops come in two different arch sizes with one being higher than the other. The best part is they match every outfit and you can dress them up or dress them down! "They are a light-wear, leather sandal that forms to your foot, virtually indestructible; rather like wearing twin slices of heaven on your feet" (Howerton).1003512_10201743762982295_2119776274_n.jpg

Finding cute sensible shoes isn't easy, but definitely doable. And its not to say that you cant every strap on a pair of heels or wedges for a night out, but for your feet's sake do so in moderation. 



When you were talking about flip flops I just had to comment on this. Im a big fan of them, which would explain my current state of depression because of this crappy weather, my flip flop days are coming to an end for the year since the weather here SUCKS! I see a lot of people wearing rainbow flip flops, however Ive heard that they are the worst shoes to break in next to Sperry's. My solution to this problem is simple... Reefs. Hands down the best flip flops ever made on this earth. The reason why they're so comfortable is because they have that air cushion on the heel that gives them a lot of support just like those FitFlops you were talking about. The best part about them is you don't have to break them in! They come in a lot of colors and for those reasons I think that they are the best sandals hands down. I recommend checking them out at

I'm obsessed with shoes, I think they are the most important piece because they tie in the outfit. I hate when people say I would rather be comfortable than in pain because pain is beauty! I know this sounds stupid but I really would do anything for a cute pair of shoes. I think its important to look good, you can still be comfortable while doing so. I love my rainbows they're literally my go to pair of shoes for summer and into fall. I have them in tan, dark brown, and a canvas pair. They're so comfortable and come in different arches so if you need more support they can be good for everyone!

I love that you wrote this because I have struggled with shoes all of my life. Not only am I completely flat footed but i also have wide feet. As you know, shoes are literally designed for people with skinny, healthy feet. To cure my foot pains the school trainer reccomended that I get custom orthodox. They barely help but I put them in everything, even my UGGs. If anyone else is having trouble with lack of arches in their feet the best sneakers to buy are Asics

I had always thought flip-flops would be ideal shoes because they provided little barrier between the ground and the foot itself. After all, shaped shoes are a fairly modern development...
After a summer semester of walking to and from class in my $3 flip-flops, I caved and bought a fair of ergonomic sandals. I can't believe how much of a difference it has made to my daily walk. No more ankle pain or swelling, and it's actually possible to run in them. Arch support is really quite important to being able to walk comfortably-- I guess this was a case of me trying to save money and ignore the evidence that suggested otherwise!

I have really high arches! Actually, everybody in my family has really high arches in their feet (as well as other feet problems). I never experienced needing extra support in my shoes until this summer, when I started to get a sharp pain in my foot where my arch is anytime I ran. To combat this, my mom gave me arch supports to put in my shoes and they really helped! Personally, I love rainbows. They're comfortable and stylish! I wear mine everywhere and they're amazing. I'm not the only one who thinks so:

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